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Greenlit: History of the World, BBC / Discovery Channel US

History Of The World w/t (8×60′) – A major new landmark series in which Andrew Marr embarks on the greatest story ever told – the epic story of human history.  He will reveal the major turning points in our shared history, ranging from a military campaign to a love story and a cataclysmic flood.

Combining dramatic reconstruction with the latest graphic tools to recreate lost worlds, the series will be able to freeze time at decisive moments in history, allowing Andrew to explain the significance of each key moment and how it shaped our world from the very spot where it happened. From Cleopatra’s encounter with an asp and Marco Polo’s journey along the Silk Road to China to the arrest of Marie Antoinette and the firing of a bullet in Sarajevo in 1914, this will be the definitive account of human civilization.

The series is produced in partnership with Discovery Channel US, The Open University and BBC Worldwide.

Channel: BBC1 / Discovery

Producer: BBC

TX: 2013

Source: BBC Press Office


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