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In: Holly Davies, Head of Development, Renegade Pictures

Holly Davies has been appointed as head of development at London-based indie Renegade Picutres, reporting to creative director Jon Rowlands. Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Choir That Rocks Britain, ITV1

The Choir That Rocks Britain (3×60′) –  Observational series with exclusive access to the Rock Choir organisation, which has 109 choirs and more than 7,000 members across the UK. The series follows some of the singers as they perform covers of Amy Winehouse and Elton John songs, among other contemporary songs and the organisation itself […]

In: Kate Townsend, Executive Producer, BBC Storyville

Kate Townsend has been appointed as the new executive producer for BBC Four’s flagship international documentary strand Storyville.  Kate will be responsible for developing and delivering commissions for Storyville, both from the UK and from producers throughout the world, reporting to Storyville editor Nick Fraser. Kate has experience of directing and producing a wide range […]

Greenlit: Back From the Dead, Ch4 / National Geographic UK

Back from the Dead (3×60′) – A documentary series that recreates the lives of long-dead warriors with the help of forensic anthropologists. Channel: Channel 4 / National Geographic UK Producer: October Films TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Bert Trautmann, UKTV Yesterday

Bert Trautmann w/t (1×60′) – Documentary looking at the extraordinary story of the Nazi soldier who defied the odds to become a British footballing legend.  The programme is the first time that Bert Trautmann has spoken in-depth on television about his remarkable life. He arrived in the UK as a Prisoner of War in 1945 […]

Greenlit: The Forced Marriage Unit, Current TV UK

The Forced Marriage Unit (1 x 60′) – Documentary exploring the work of the UK’s Forced Marriage Unit, which deals with calls for help from more than 5,000 women a year. Channel: Current TV (with funding from CBA-DFID Project Development Fund) NB: There appears to be another film called Forced Marriage Unit commissioned from Kim […]

In Development: Best Ink, Oxygen

Best Ink w/t –  Reality competition series that pits 12 tattoo artists against each other to compete for the  ‘Best Ink” crown and a cash prize. Channel: Oxygen Producer: Bunim-Murray Productions TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Mary Donahue, VP/Development and Programming, History Channel

Mary Donahue has been promoted to VP/Development and Programming at History Channel from her role as executive producer. Source: Cynopsis

Up: Julian Hobbs, VP/Development and Programming, History Channel

Julian Hobbs has been promoted to VP/Development and Programming at History Channel from his role as executive producer. Source: Cynopsis

Up: Michael Stiller, VP/Development and Programming, History

Michael Stiller has been promoted to VP/Development and Programming at History Channel from his role as executive producer. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Sandhurst, BBC4

Sandhurst w/t  – A documentary series featuring unparalleled access to Sandhurst Royal Military Academy for officers. Filmed over a year the series will follow one class of cadets through the world-famous 12-month course. The series will show exactly what it takes to turn a group of ordinary young men and women into extraordinary leaders, capable of […]

Greenlit Our War – 10 Years in Afghanistan, BBC3

Our War – 10 Years In Afghanistan (3 x 60′)  –  Marks the 10-year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan by telling its history through the footage and testimony of the young soldiers themselves. BBC Three has been given unprecedented access and co-operation from the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces to tell the […]

Greenlit: Would You Join the Army? BBC3

Would You Join The Army? w/t (5 x 60′)  –  a series charting the lives of new recruits and their families over 18 months, from their very first day in the army to frontline combat operations in Afghanistan. As the new recruits discover what joining the army really involves, some wonder whether it was the […]

Greenlit: Explorer: Born to Rage, National Geographic

Explorer: Born to Rage – Explorer special in which Henry Rollins tells the story of the ‘warrior gene’, which predisposes affected people to aggressive and impulsive behaviour and is linked to gang membership. Channel: National Geographic Producer: Edge West Productions TX: 18th December, 2010 Source: Realscreen

Up: Andy Cohen, Executive Vice President Original Programming and Development, Bravo

Bravo Media has promoted Andy Cohen to executive vice president, original programming and development. Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Infested! Animal Planet

Infested! (3 x ) – Mini docu-series telling the real-life stories of people plagued extreme infestations of bedbugs, mice, rats, cockroaches and scorpions. Channel: Animal Planet Producer: Darlow Smithson TX: 9th January 2011 Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: Penguin Island, Sky 3D

Penguin Island w/t – David Attenborough written and narrated 3D feature-length documentary about penguins on South Georgia on the Antarctic Peninsula. Channel: Sky 3D /IMAX Producer: Atlantic Productions TX: Late 2011 Source: TBI Vision

Greenlit: Boomtown, Planet Green

Boomtown (5 x ) – Docuseries based in the small US town of Parshall, ND where a discovery of oil underneath the town has turned it from a town down on its luck into a rich one. Channel: Planet Green Producer: Left/Right TX: 29th January 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Jamie’s Fish Supper, Ch4

Jamie’s Fish Supper (10 x 4′) – Chef and food campaigner Jamie Oliver creates new recipes using lesser known fish while marine biologist Tooni Mahto introduces the audience to fish in their natural environments. Channel: Channel 4 Producer: Fresh One Productions TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Hugh’s Big Fish Fight, Ch4

Hugh’s Big Fish Fight (3 x 60′) –  Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall campaigns against over fishing by examining the stocks of the UK’s popular fish, such as cod, tuna and salmon. Channel: Channel 4 Producer: Keo Films TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

In: Christie McConnell, Senior Director/Development, Stephen David Entertainment

Christie McConnell has been appointed as Senior Director/Development at NYC-based Stephen David Entertainment. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Heston’s Fish Feast, Ch4

Heston’s Fish Feast –  Top experimental chef Heston Blummenthal reinvents classic fish dishes and creates new ones such as jellyfish and chips and sea cucumber sandwiches. Channel: Channel 4 Producer: Optomen TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Voice of America, NBC

The Voice of America – John de Mol created and Mark Burnett executive produced competition reality series based on the hit Dutch format The Voice of Holland. Four celebrity mentors coach their team of singers, selected after a ‘blind audition’ in which the judges aren’t allowed to see the contestants until they’ve heard them sing. […]

Greenlit: 4th and Forever, Current TV

4th and Forever (9 x 30′)  -Docuseries following football coach Raul Lara and his team at Sports Illustrated‘s “Sports School of the Century”, Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Channel: Current TV Producer:  Brian Graden Media, LLC / Jupiter Entertainment, Inc. / DLP Entertainment / Global Content Partners, LLC. TX: 26th May 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: OMG! Totally Peaches, ITV2

OMG! Totally Peaches w/t (6 x 60′) – Studio-based show in which Peaches Geldof and a panel of experts attempt to solve guests’ relationships, sex and behavioural problems. Celebrity guests also offer advice. Channel: ITV2 Producer: ITV Studios TX:  TBC Source: C21

Greenlit: The Wild Within, Travel Channel

The Wild Within – Backwoodsman Steven Rinella travels to remote locations and attempts to provide food for his family and friends by using hunter-gatherer techniques used by ancient peoples. Channel: Travel Channel Producer: Zero Point Zero TX: 9th January 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Space Station, Discovery 3D

Space Station (1 x 47′) –  Tom Cruise narrated documentary about the International Space Station (currently  available on DVD) Channel: Discovery 3D (a Discovery / Sony / IMAX joint venture) TX: 2011 Source: Cynopsis / C21

Greenlit: Sons of Guns, Discovery Channel

Sons of Guns – Docuseries following Will Hayden, a historian and gunsmith in Baton Rouge, as he and his colleagues make unique custom-built weapons. Channel: Discovery Channel Producer: Jupiter Entertainment TX: 12th January, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Ghost Lab, Discovery 3D

Ghost Lab w/t (1 x 60′)  –  Spin-off special of Discovery series in which Brad and Barry Klinge do research into ghostly goings-on. Channel: Discovery 3D (a Discovery / Sony / IMAX joint venture) Producer: Paper Route Productions / Go Go Luckey Entertainment TX: 2011 Source: Cynopsis / C21

Greenlit: Making the Brand, Discovery 3D

Making the Brand w/t (  x 60′)  –  Docuseries that reveals how mass production works from craftsmanship to technical wizardry. Channel: Discovery 3D (a Discovery / Sony / IMAX joint venture) Producer: Electric Sky Productions TX: 2011 Source: Cynopsis / C21

Greenlit: High Octane, Discovery 3D

High Octane w/t –  Docuseries that explores the high energy world of extreme sports such as rock-climbing, bungee jumping and motocross. Channel: Discovery 3D (a Discovery / Sony / IMAX joint venture) Producer: Electric Sky Productions TX: 2011 Source: Cynopsis / C21

Greenlit: Bullproof, Discovery 3D

Bullproof  ( x60′) –  Docuseries set in the high-stakes world of professional bull riding. Channel: Discovery 3D (a Discovery / Sony / IMAX joint venture) Producer: Wild Eyes Productions / Digital Revolution Studios TX: 5th May, 2011 Source: Cynopsis / C21

Up: Andy Berg, Senior Director / Non-Fiction and Alterantive Programming, A&E Network and BIO Channel

Andy Berg has been promoted to the position of Senior Director/Non-Fiction and Alternative Programming at A&E Network and BIO Channel, reporting to Elaine Frontain Bryant, VP/Non-Fiction and Alternative Progamming. He will be responsible for overseeing development and production. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Don’t Scare the Hare, BBC1

Don’t Scare the Hare – (8 x 40′ + 1 x 40′ ‘best of show) – Saturday night entertainment series hosted by Jason Bradbury (The Gadget Show).  Don’t Scare The Hare is a an innovative new family game-show featuring humour and jeopardy. Each episode combines comedy, tension and slapstick, as two teams of contestants not […]

Dispensing Fruit and Veg to Patients at the Farmers’ Market

Doctors in Massachusetts have started prescribing fruit and vegetables from the local farmers’ market for their more economically disadvantaged patients. Each family member is prescribed $1 per day that can be spent at the market on fresh food, which is often in scarce supply in poorer neighborhoods. Read more on Iconoculture.

Making NYC A Place to Retire To

As the population ages, NYC is looking at ways to make the teeming city more livable for elderly people. Ideas include ‘perches’ in shops where people can rest, more public toilets in shops and cafes and personal shoppers in supermarkets.  Read the full article in the New York Times.

American Ruins

Photographer Arthur Drooker’s photos of N. American buildings make them look as if they’ve survived (or decayed) since ancient times. He uses infrared photography to infuse an other-worldliness in industrial landscapes and dilapidated mansions. See them here.

Sick Memoirs

If you enjoy reading about other people’s illnesses you’ll enjoy the list of Sick Lit put together by Flavorwire. Among others, you can choose from books covering everything from cancer to depression and eating disorders: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person by Miriam Engelberg It’s Not […]

How the Chicken Came Before the Egg

Scientists from universities in Warwick and Sheffield used a supercomputer to examine how an egg forms and discovered it needs a protein that exists only in the ovaries of a chicken. That protein changes calcium carbonate into calcite crystals, which form egg shell. Therefore, they say, the chicken must have come before the egg. Read […]

Greenlit: Snake Underworld, Nat Geo Wild

Snake Underworld (1 x 60′) – Ex-punk rocker Henry Rollins explores the popularity of snakes with the US public. Channel: National Geographic WILD TX: Early 2011 Source: C21

Greenlit: Inside the Titanic, Discovery Channel / France 2

Inside The Titanic – Drama-documentary about the sinking of the Titanic. Channel: Discovery / France 2 TX: 2012 Source: C21

Greenlit: Wonderstuff, BBC2

Wonderstuff (6 x 30′) – Factual entertainment series presented by journalist Jane Moore that looks at the science of everyday items such as toothpaste and soap powder. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Shine TV Source: Realscreen

In: Zai Bennett, Controller BBC3

Zai Bennett has been appointed as the new Controller of BBC Three starting from 4th April 2011 (Harry Lansdown will caretake in the interim). Bennett joins from ITV, where he worked as Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions. Between 2006 and 2009, Zai was Controller of ITV2, one of the most successful multichannels in the […]

The Lies People Tell in Search of a Mate

There are some common things that can mislead you if you are using an online dating site to look for love: People say they are 2″ taller than they are The more attractive the picture, the more out of date it is likely to be People are earning 20% less than they claim 80% of […]

Greenlit: Do We Really Need the Moon? BBC2

Do We Really Need The Moon? (1 x 60′) – The moon is not just a pretty face, a goal for NASA or an inspiration for lovers and poets – it’s formed a unique bond with Earth. Without this vital connection, Earth and the life on it would be unrecognisable. Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock (leading British […]

Greenlit: The Code, BBC2

The Code (3 x 60′) – In an intriguing series, Professor Marcus du Sautoy goes in search of a mysterious code: the numbers, shapes and patterns that govern the world around us. From the delicate architecture of a butterfly’s wing to the startling beauty of the night sky, bizarre numbers are everywhere. The code is […]

Old Lottery Tickets Find a New Life

Ghost of a Dream turns discarded lottery tickets into sculptures of the things that could have been bought had the ticket been a winner. Click here to see the colourful palm trees, chandeliers and cars.

Greenlit: Stargazing Live, BBC2

Stargazing Live (3×60′) –  In a live, three-day, stripped event during the first week of January 2011, Professor Brian Cox will be joined by Dara O’Briain as the pair look to the skies to bring the wonders of the stars into our living rooms. Though he trained as a physicist Dara is secretly a frustrated […]

Greenlit: If It’s Broke, Fix It!, UKTV Home

If It’s Broke, Fix It! (10 x 60′) – Craig Phillips puts two teams of householders through a DIY bootcamp competition in which he attempts to improve their handyman skills; the most improved wins £500 vouchers which they can spend on upgrading their home. Channel: UKTV Home Producer: RDF Television TX: 2011 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Restoration Home, BBC2

Restorations Home (6 x ) –  Caroline Quentin follows private owners of crumbling historic buildings as they save them from ruin and restore them into wonderful 21st-century homes. As each building is rescued from the brink of dereliction by its new owners, secrets long since forgotten of previous ones will be revealed. As the new […]

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