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Greenlit: The Reel History of Britain, BBC2

The Reel History Of Britain (20×30′) –  Melvyn Bragg presents a brand new series retelling the fascinating stories about how life in Britain used to be, through the film collections of the British Film Institute and regional film archives. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of British life, highlighting the hardships and simple pleasures, as well as the enormous social changes that took place from the 1900s onwards.

The Reel History Of Britain traces the descendants of those featured in the films, as they come face-to-face with their ancestors to discover how they lived their lives. Along the way viewers see how ordinary British people worked, loved and lived in the 20th century, as seen through social documentaries, tourist information films, newsreels, and government propaganda films.

These films have now been restored and are available to be seen again for the first time in generations. Throughout the series, Melvyn Bragg tours the country in the UK’s only surviving vintage mobile cinema – a converted Sixties Bedford van, complete with a 22-seat, fully tiered cinema.

Channel: BBC2 Daytime

Producer: BBC Entertainment Production North

TX: Summer 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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