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Greenlit: Reggae Britannia, BBC4

Reggae Britannia (1×60′) – The story of how reggae music and culture has formed an intrinsic part of British life since the mid-Sixties and how black reggae and ska musicians, either from Jamaica or British-born, found their music and identities shaped by the rejection or acceptance of British audiences.

This documentary delves into the world of reggae, exploring everything from the music, the bass lines and the spliffs, to black kids speaking Brummie or Cockney, the romance of Jamaica and the smell of British streets in the Seventies. It also investigates reggae’s impact in a decade when a whole new argument about national and racial identity raged.

Directed by Jeremy Marre, the documentary includes contributions from Prince Far-I, Matumbi, Big Youth, Judge Dread, Linton Kwesi Johnson and a host of other reggae greats.

Channel: BBC4

TX: Autumn 2010 / Winter 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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