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Greenlit: King James Bible, BBC4

King James Bible – The King James Bible is a worldwide best seller – the only authorised English translation of the greatest story ever told. The majesty and beauty of its prose rivals that of Shakespeare. Its influence has shaped not only our own language, culture and society but that of the rest of the world.

And yet 400 years ago this masterpiece was the grand political project of a publicity conscious King; shot through with private motive and conflicting agendas. It was entrusted to a succession of committees in a bureaucratic structure that checked and re-checked each section of the translation. The question is how did any of this produce such extraordinary prose?

From Westminster Abbey to Hampton Court; the dreaming spires of Oxford and Cambridge to the remote beauty of the Outer Hebrides; author Adam Nicolson leaves no stone unturned in his search for answers.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC Productions, Manchester

TX: Autumn 2010 / Winter 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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