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Greenlit: Get Your Clogs On, BBC4

Get Your Clogs On –  Conductor and Radio 3 presenter Charles Hazlewood has just two weeks to get Newcastle city centre clog dancing.

There was a time when each district of Britain was defined by its own style of folk music and dance, which grew from the industries, landscape and people who’d settled there in the past. Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire formed Morris dancing strongholds, while Yorkshire resounded to the dances of longsworders and out-of-work ploughboys entertained East Anglian crowds with their molly dances.

Clog dancing ruled the mill towns of the 19th-century North East. In this series, Charles makes it his mission to reclaim the North East’s national dance and the area’s cultural identity by reconnecting the people of Newcastle with their cultural and dance heritage.

Made by the creative talents behind The Choir and Faking It, Get Your Clogs On tells of one man’s mission to bring a community together through a re-discovery of their region’s lost heritage of dance, and to stage the biggest clog dancing event the UK has ever seen.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: Studio Lambert

TX: Autumn 2010 / Winter 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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