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Development and Pitching 101: Originating Ideas

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Photo by lisbo CC BY SA 2.0

Finding Ideas in the Everyday


  1. Browse around keywords on Amazon
  2. Visit your local bookshop and browse the shelves for interesting subjects, authors or trends
  3. Sign up to your local bookshop’s events newsletter. It can be a great way to get access to celebrities or potential onscreen talent. For example, the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, London is about to host talks by Arabella Weir (The Real Me is Thin) and Libertines front man Carl Barat (The Threepenny Memoir) in the next couple of weeks
  4. Start visiting your local museums and galleries. In one month you could:
  • Explore how the “Kitchen Front” helped Britain with the WWII effort at the Imperial War Museum, London
  • Submit to some Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists, 1958 – 1968 at the Brooklyn Museum, NYC
  • Go geeky at the Battlestar Galactica exhibition at the Experience Music Project | Science Fiction Museum in Seattle
  • Go green at the Losing Paradise: Endangered Plants Here and Around the World exhibition in Washington DC
  • Find out about the first century of plastics in Plasticity – 100 Years of Making Plastics at the Science Museum, London

As you travel to these events stay alert – there will be more ideas along the way:

  • In a free newspaper on the underground
  • In books that people are reading
  • In posters for movies, books and exhibitions
  • In conversations overheard

Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times to jot down thoughts and ideas as you go; use the journey home from events to think about how you could turn the subject into a documentary or format, or whether anyone you’ve met has a special skill and charisma that would make them great onscreen talent. The more you practice thinking about ideas, the more ideas will come to you.

An article in Newsweek suggests some ways of creating serendipity so ideas come to you rather than you going out hunting for them.

Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas From Concept to Pitch, has lots of suggestions to help you generate ideas all day, every day.

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