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Greenlit: Newman – The Reluctant Saint, BBC2

Newman – The Reluctant Saint (1×60′) – Anne Widdecombe explores John Henry Newman’s road to Sainthood. Newman was a leading 19th century Anglican cleric who converted to Catholicism.  Newman needs is one more miracle to be attributed to him and he will become England’s first non-martyred Saint since the Reformation.

In the programme, Widdecombe meets Deacon Jack Sullivan from Boston who was apparently miraculously cured by the intercession of Newman. She also speaks to witnesses to his recovery, such as the back specialists and the Vatican medics who pronounced the miracle authentic. Widdecombe travels to Rome, Oxford and Birmingham to meet ordinary Catholics, historians and specialists on the life of Newman to shed light on his biography, as well as meeting leading figures from the Catholic and Anglican Church to explain Newman’s importance to British Catholicism.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC

TX: September 2010

Source: BBC


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