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Greenlit: Kara Tointon – Don’t Call Me Stupid, BBC3

Kara Tointon – Don’t Call Me Stupid (1×60′) – Actress Kara Tointon is dyslexic. She has struggled to read throughout her life and has avoided confronting how widely dyslexia has affected her.

In this documentary, Kara faces up to the extent to which being dyslexic has affected her, both as an actress and as a young woman. She realises how different her life could be when she compares how she lives and works to her non-dyslexic cast-mates, friends and family.

As an actress, Kara has always found it hard to learn scripts. She’s worked hard for it not to stand in her way but admits that for her, auditions have always been nerve-wracking, and the idea of sight-reading terrifying. Now, she embarks on potentially life-changing coaching as she sets out to improve her reading ability and deal with the wider implications that the condition has had on all aspects of her life.

For the first time, Kara will confront her dyslexia head on. Will the coaching help her address her anxieties around sight-reading and line-learning? And will she fulfil her dream of reading a novel from start to finish?

Channel: BBC3

Producer: BBC

TX: Autumn

Source: BBC


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