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Greenlit: Benedict – Trials of a Pope, BBC2

Benedict – Trials Of A Pope (1 x 60′) – Award-winning film maker Mark Dowd goes in search of the real Joseph Ratzinger.  Ratzinger is a man who was the darling of liberals in the Second Vatican Council but who is now the champion of traditionalists.

Dowd’s journey takes him from the papal homeland of Bavaria to the heart of the Vatican itself. In his quest to understand Pope Benedict, Dowd explores how the current clerical abuse crisis has dogged the Pope’s mission to combat western secularism. The programme also features a rare interview with the Pope’s brother, Georg Ratzinger, who tells the BBC how his brother has been affected by recent scandals. Dowd also profiles the attempts of the Church here in the UK to fashion a positive message about Pope Benedict by training up an army of young religious spin doctors called Catholic Voices.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC

TX: September 2010

Source: BBC


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