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Greenlit: Ancient Worlds, BBC2

Ancient Worlds (6×60′) –  Archaeologist and historian Richard Miles embarks on an odyssey from the first cities of Mesopotamia to the Christianisation of the Roman Empire to tell the story of what he argues is mankind’s greatest achievement – civilisation.

This strongly authored series offers an epic sweep of history against a panorama of stunning locations and bold propositions about the origins of human society.

In the West, the term “civilisation” has been consigned to the museum display case. Embarrassed by its chauvinistic and elitist connotations, we have increasingly taken refuge in more politically correct and soft-focused terms such as “culture” to explain human origins. This series seeks to rescue civilisation from its enforced retirement and celebrate such a hard-fought invention.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC Productions

TX: Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

Source: BBC


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