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Country Focus 101: Spain

By maesejose CC BY 2.0

We’ve already taken a brief look at TV channels in Sweden, Norway, Australia, Canada and The Netherlands. Now it’s time for an at-a-glance guide to the Spanish TV landscape.

Antena 3


  • Antena 3 is Spain’s second largest privately owned (Planeta-De Agostini / RTL) channel  and appeals to an audience of 13-24 yr-olds. Its core audience is 12-55, urban and middle class
  • The channel relies on stripped programming at 21.30 to kick off the primetime schedule
  • Needs to improve its audiences in the 16.00 – 18.00 slot
  • Soap operas, dating shows and formats have all failed in the afternoon slot – so looking for something distinctive here to attract viewers away from other channels
  • Looking for primetime entertainment shows and multimedia programmes – particularly shows that have good-humour at their heart

Hit Programmes

Wheel of Fortune

El Diario – talk show

DEC – magazine show with celebrity gossip, current affairs, interviews and chat

Curso del 63 – factual reality show based on That’ll Teach ‘Em

2010 has seen the launch of local versions of Homeless, Rich and Famous, The Boss and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Key Executives:

Mikel Lejarza,  General Manager



  • Spain’s main commercial channel, female skewing with a demo of 25-44 – the audience is urban and middle or upper class.
  • It attempted and failed to to broaden out to a family audience so has returned to the staples of reality and gossip programming
  • They have a strong online presence on www.telecinco.es

Hit Programmes:

  • Grand Hermano: El Reencuentro – Big Brother spin-off featuring the series’ most controversial characters
  • Sálvame Deluxe – celebrity gossip show
  • Cambio de Familia (local version of Wife Swap)
  • ¡Mira quién baila! – talent reality show

Key Executive:

Patricia Marco, Head of Television



  • La1 is TVE’s flagship public broadcast channel with strong primetime and daytime schedules aimed at a broad audience and it doesn’t carry ad breaks
  • La1’s primetime starts at 22.00, which is earlier than rival channels (who start their primetime programming at 22.40)
  • La2 focuses on documentaries, independent films, alternative US programming and events but has been losing viewers, with the lowest audience share of all national channels

Hit Programmes (La1):

  • Gente – crime reports mixed with celebrity news
  • Españoles en el Mundo – following the lives of Spanish people living abroad
  • Comando Actualidad – reports on the Spanish way of life
  • La Hora de José Mota – comedy

Key Executives:

Lola Molina, Head of Programming and Content

Information courtesy of C21 Media Primetime Strategies 2010/2011


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