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Greenlit: Delphi, BBC4

Delphi –  Dr Michael Scott argues that this Greek sanctuary city is the perfect historical microcosm through which to unlock the secrets of the ancient world. From Alexander the Great to Nero and Hadrian, this town offers up a wealth of fascinating documentary and archaeological evidence. With each pace through Delphi, Michael will take us through some of the most vicious and bloodthirsty periods in world history.

As Michael will show, the town is not just about the famous Delphic Oracle. Tourists flocked to Delphi from all corners of the ancient world to show off their riches and to boast about their latest victories in battle. Delphi was the ancient world’s notice board – if you had news to share, you came to Delphi. It became a melting pot of great cultures, the tourist Mecca of the classical world.

Although Delphi is often associated with the major historical cornerstones of the ancient world, the town also provides us with a rare glimpse of the ordinary lives of the ancients. It reveals clues about how they lived and travelled, right down to the nitty-gritty of how they built their towns.

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