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Country Focus 101: Canada

Photo by Яick Harris CC BY SA 2.0

The football World Cup has just kicked off  in South Africa and the upcoming (30th June – 1st July) Televisual Intelligent Factual Festival has a new international focus this year, so it’s time for us to look abroad to some international broadcasters. This week we have an at-a-glance guide to Canadian channels; coming up are Australia and The Netherlands.


Channel Overview:

  • CBC is a public broadcaster with a remit to broadcast Canadian shows to a broad audience.
  • It is the second largest channel in Canada.
  • It has recently managed to attract a younger audience – those in their late 30s and 40s.
  • A good audience on CBC is 1m+.

CBC programmes A-Z

Hit Programmes:

Looking For:

  • Reality shows with the potential for social change eg. Jamie’s School Dinners. The Week the Women Went did very well for them in 2007 /08. They’ve also been developing a weight loss series in which a whole town goes on a dies (based on a Dutch format).
  • Don’t want exploitative formats – extreme makeover or surgical transformation shows

Key Executives:

Kirstine Stewart, general manager CBC Television English


Channel Overview:

  • Canada’s largest commercial network.
  • Appeals to a younger demographic – 18-49.
  • Airs a lot of US shows but has licence obligations to transmit 50% Canadian shows across the schedules.

CTV schedule

Hit Programmes:

  • Dancing with the Stars
  • The Amazing Race
  • Dr Oz Show
  • So You Think You Can Dance

Key Executives:

Mike Cosentino, senior VP of programme scheduling

Global TV

Channel Overview:

  • Free-to-air network aimed at 18-49 year-olds.
  • Canada’s second largest commercial channel.
  • Show a mix of US and Canadian shows.
  • Local feature-length and 1×60′ documentaries are an important part of the schedule.

Hit Programmes:

  • Surivivor

Key Executives:

Barbara Williams, Executive VP of Content

Information courtesy of C21 Media Primetime Strategies 2010/2011


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