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Greenlit: World Cup’s Most Shocking Moments, BBC3

World Cup’s Most Shocking Moments (1×120′) – presented by Richard Bacon and yet to be announced special guest presenter – who also happens to be one of England’s current star strikers – will take a look back on the 50 greatest shocks in the history of the World Cup. Viewers can sit back and laugh or cringe as this light-hearted show highlights the most shocking moments from the last six tournaments and includes moments such as Maradona’s “Hand of God”, Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt in the 2006 final and England’s penalty pain.

The show will also feature firsthand accounts from players such as David Seaman, who recalls being lobbed by Ronaldinho; John Barnes reveals how Gazza almost rapped on the classic anthem World In Motion; and referee Graham Poll talks about his infamous three yellow card moment.

Channel: BBC 3

Producer: Zig Zag

TX: June 2010

Source: BBC


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