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Greenlit: Who is Nelson Mandela? BBC 3

Who Is Nelson Mandela? w/t  (1×60′) – Everyone has heard of Nelson Mandela and every celebrity in the world queues up to be photographed with him, but what exactly did he do to become such an incredible icon today? This eye-opening documentary, made by the BBC’s News and Current affairs team, will see Being Human actress Lenora Crichlow set off to discover the amazing story of how Mandela brought peace to his country and what he means to people there today.

In an emotion-packed journey for Lenora, she uncovers a far more complex and fascinating picture of Mandela and his country than she ever imagined: she discovers a vibrant Rainbow nation, but also learns more about the horrors of apartheid and the extent of poverty and violence in the country today.

On her journey she unlocks the secrets of who Mandela really is, and why his achievements in life are so admired.

Channel: BBC 3

Producer: BBC News and Current Affairs

TX: June 2010

Source: BBC


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