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Greenlit: A Night at the Museum, BBC4

A Night at the Museum – While museums care for and preserve historical artefacts, who cares for the museums themselves? Acclaimed film-maker Richard Macer (The Department Store, The Naked Rambler, Welcome To My World) visits three different museums struggling to connect with a modern audience.

Staff at the Freud Museum in Hampstead are hoping that a dating evening may help broaden the appeal of their establishment dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis. In Leyland, mutiny brews as the British Commercial Vehicle Museum struggles to stay open. Meanwhile, a new director at the National Waterways Museum in Gloucester, attempts to save it from a potentially watery grave.

A Night At The Museum aims to find out whether a small piece of history dies each time a museum is forced to close.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: Platform Productions

TX: Spring / Summer 2010

Source: BBC Press Office


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