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Greenlit: The Mel B Project, The Style Network

The Mel B Project w/t – Series following the work and family life of the ex-Spice Girl. Channel: The Style Network Producer: Studio Lambert TX: Labor Day weekend (Sept 2010) Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Growing Up Twisted, A&E

Growing Up Twisted (6x ) – Reality series following Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider. Channel: A&E Producer: Evolution Film & Tape Source: TBI Vision

Greenlit: Fix My Family, WE tv

Fix My Family (8×60′) –  Dr Tara Fields moves in with toxic families to help them heal their relationships. Channel: WE tv Producer: WE tv / ISH TX: Early 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Beauty and the Beast, Channel 4

Beauty and the Beast w/t (6×60′) – Beauty obsessed people are paired with someone who is severely facially disfigured in order to challenge their prejudices. Channel: Channel 4 Producer: Betty TX: Late 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Project Essex, ITV2

Project Essex w/t (10×30′ or 60′) – Ob doc / reality show  in which a specially cast group of 20-somethings are followed as they go about their lives in and around the nightclubs and tanning salons of Essex. Channel: ITV2 Producer: Lime TX: Late 2010 Source: Broadcast

Pompeii Ruined

Peter Popham laments the dire state of the ruins of Pompeii – the best preserved Roman town in the world. It is UNESCO world heritage sites but it is run down and neglected, with little done to enhance vistors’ experience of the place. Prof Andrew Wallace-Hadrill is attempting to restore the site, but has had […]

Greenlit: Get Up and Dance, CMT

Get Up and Dance ( x60′) –  Dance show which talent spots dancers via online video sites and invites them to perform on stage in front of an audience. Channel: CMT Producer: Phil Gurin Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Village, Channel 4

The Village w/t (8×60′) – Eight city folk move to the country to share a house in a village and take part in the local community. Villagers vote for their favourites and the least popular resident is voted out each week, until the final person is chosen to remain in the village permanently. That person […]

Greenlit: The War You Don’t See, ITV1

The War You Don’t See w/t (1×60′) – John Pilger explores how the media has influenced the war in Afghanistan. Channel: ITV1 / theatrical Producer: John Pilger / Dartmouth Films TX: Autumn 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Frank Skinner’s Opinionated, BBC2

Frank Skinner’s Opinionated – Frank Skinner fronts  a weekly topical show that takes on the big, and not so big, issues in the news from Frank’s unique perspective. Joining Frank will be two top comedians to unpick both sides of the argument, while keeping an all-important eye on the funny side. Each week the show […]

Greenlit: Downsized, WE tv

Downsized (8×60′) – Docuseries following the family who claim to be the cheapest in America – making their own clothes and growing their own vegetables,  as they bring up seven teenagers. Channel: WE tv Producer: WE tv / Pie Town Productions TX: Late 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Mother Knows Best?, WE tv

Mother Knows Best? (8×60′) – Docuseries following Joan Rivers as she moves in with her daughter and creates chaos in her life. Channel: WE tv Producer: WE tv / Zoo Productions TX: Late 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: $100 Makeover, A&E

$100 Makeover ( x60′) – New series that concentrates on how to makeover your home by re-organizing and decluttering your possessions and spending no more than $100 on new furniture and fittings. Channel: A&E Producer: Screaming Flea Productions TX: 19th June 2010 Source: Cynopsis

They Dared Return

They Dared Return: Secret Missions Behind the Lines in Nazi Germany by Patrick K O’Donnell is a never-before-told account of five German-Jews who volunteered to go behind enemy lines to impersonate German officers, gather secret intelligence and blow up trains. One of them is tortured by the Gestapo, but convinces his torturer to surrender his […]

Greenlit: Drill Team, A&E

Drill Team ( x60′) – New series in which a group of home makeover experts help finish a stalled project before a special occasion. Channel: A&E Producer: Nancy Glass Productions TX: 5th June 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Meet the UK Factual Commissioners: Katy Thorogood, Commissioner Daytime and Factual, ITV

Katy Thorogood, Commissioner Daytime and Factual, ITV recently outlined her commissioning needs to attendees of the Broadcast Factual Forum. Click through to find out what she’s looking to commission in the coming months. (Photo by Torres CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Boy Who Bit Picasso

The Boy Who Bit Picasso, by Antony Penrose, is an account of the author’s memory of, and relationship with, Picasso who was a childhood friend. He tells how Picasso used to have a goat in a crate outside his bedroom and the two boys enjoyed enacting play bullfights. (Pub: Thames and Hudson, September 2010).

In: Marissa Ronca, VP/Development, truTV

Marissa Ronca has been promoted to the position of VP/Development at truTV, reporting to Darren Campo in NYC. Marissa was previously Senior Director/Development at truTV. Source: Cynopsis

Deaver Breathes New Life into Bond

Best-selling American thriller writer Jeffery Deaver has been commissioned by Ian Fleming’s estate to write a new Bond book set in the present day. Read the full article in The Guardian.

Edat Shams Traditional Yemeni Jewelry

Edat Shams is a Dubai-based company specializing traditional Yemeni jewelry and handicrafts. Set up by Dhuha Awad (an ex-colleague of TV Mole), the company has an  interesting back story. It was set up after Dhuha was shocked to discover a cousin too poor to buy new clothes for a family wedding. She decided to set […]

In: Lauren Dolgen, SVP/MTV Series Development, MTV West Coast

Lauren Dolgen has been appointed as SVP/MTV Series Development at MTV West Coast, overseeing reality programme output. Source: Cynopsis

In: Michael Weinberg, VP/Development, Endemol, Los Angeles

Michael Weinberg has been appointed as VP/Development at Endemol’s new Los Angeles office. He was previously the exec producer of America’s Got Talent and Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Source: TBI Vision

In: Dave Hamilton, Head of Development, Endemol East Coast

Dave Hamilton has been appointed as head of development at Endemol’s new New York office. He was previously at VH1. Source: TBI Vision

In: Simon Andrae, SVP/Development and Production, Discovery Channel

Simon Andreae has been appointed as SVP/Development and Production for the Discovery Channel in Los Angeles, overseeing Discovery’s West Coast development and production of series and specials. Source: Cynopsis

In: Anna Miralis, Editor More4

Anna Miralis has been appointed as editor of More4, overseeing the True Stories strand. She was previously commissioning editor for Australian channel SBS TV. Source: Broadcast

Kid for Sale

The Sun reports that a widowed father in central China chained his son to a lamp post and attempted to sell him off as a slave. He was eventually attacked by bystanders who objected to the boy’s plight. Read the full article.

Greenlit: Shedding for the Wedding, The CW

Shedding for the Wedding w/t – Ten couples compete to win a luxury wedding by dropping the most pounds. The couples live together for three months whilst dieting – the couple who lose the least amount of weight are eliminated at the end of each episode. Those that stay in can win wedding-related prizes along […]

Greenlit: Gavin Henson: Human Guinea Pig, Bravo UK

Gavin Henson: Human Guinea Pig w/t ( x60′) Welsh international rugby star Gavin Henson starts in this format in which scientist Greg Foot persuades him to take part in a series of death-defying stunts. Channel: Bravo UK Producer: Dragonfly TX: Early summer 2010 Source: Broadcast

In Development: Dr Halligan Project, WE tv

Dr Halligan Project w/t – Docuseries following a female veterinarian. Channel: WE tv Producer: PB&J Productions Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Ronnie Corbett’s Supper Club, Good Food

Ronnie Corbett’s Supper Club w/t (1×60′ pilot) – Ronnie Corbett interviews comedian Rob Brydon about his best food memories and cooks for him using his favourite ingredients. Channel: Good Food Producer: Talkback Thames TX: August 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: HRH Prince Charles on Hubert Parry, BBC4

HRH The Prince of Wales on Hubert Parry (title TBC, 1×60′) – The composer of Jerusalem, Hubert Parry, whose influence and significance far outweighs his reputation, is a particular favourite of Prince Charles. The Prince will be investigating Parry’s life and legacy. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Crux Productions / Rare Day TX:  2011 Source: BBC


If you like your news to come with a chuckle take a look at Newsarse , which puts a different spin on all the current news (which might be mistaken for the BBC News website by the unwary/distracted/dumb reader). You can also follow them on twitter at @newsarse Hat tip to @ideas4TV

Greenlit: Auction Heroes, Spike TV

Auction Heroes (8×30′)  – Docuseries following two friends who travel the auction circuit buying abandoned storage containers and selling their contents on for profit. Channel: Spike TV Producer: Gurney Productions TX: 9th November, 2010 Source: Cynopsis

In Development: Wild Flowers, WE tv

Wild Flowers w/t – Docuseries based in and around the Las Vegas based Enchanted Florist. Channel: WE tv Producer: Leftfield Productions Source: Cynopsis

In Development: Wayne’s World, WE tv

Wayne’s World w/t – Docuseries following veteran Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton and his family. Channel: WE tv Producer: Ping Pong Productions Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Long Lost Family, ITV1

Long Lost Family (6×60′) – Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell help relatives, some of whom have been searching in vain for many years, find the family members they are desperate to trace.  The series explores the background and context of each family’s estrangement and tracks the detective work and often complex and emotional process of […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Best Cooking Family, BBC2

Britain’s Best Cooking Family (30×45′) – The Hairy Bikers are back: Si King and Dave Myers will be mixing cooking, celebrity chat and their unique brand of entertainment in this series which features foodie challenges for two teams of families fighting for the title of Britain’s Best Cooking Family. Celebrity guests will also join the […]

Ku Klux Class

A teacher at a high school in Atlanta, Georgia has been suspended after her pupils donned Klu Klux Klan costumes and asked a fellow student if they could re-enact history by performing a lynching of him and videoing it for their class project. Some students were outraged: others think the incident has been blown out […]

Greenlit: Adrienne Reed’s Power Yoga, ION Life

Adrienne Reed’s Power Yoga – Exercise along with top yoga instructor Adrienne Reed. Channel: ION Life Producer: Bluewater Media TX: Summer 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: School Pride, NBC

School Pride – Documentary series that follows the efforts of various communities to fix their failing public schools. Channel: NBC Producer: Horizon Alternative Television TX: 2010 / 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Rachel Allen: Bake, Cooking Channel

Rachel Allen: Bake – Rachel Allen shows viewers how to bake mouthwatering baked goods. Channel: Cooking Channel (formerly Fine Living Channel) TX: 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: French Food at Home, Cooking Channel

French Food at Home – Laura Calder explores French cooking. Channel: Cooking Channel (formerly Fine Living Channel) TX: 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Classic Cooking Block, Cooking Channel

Classic Cooking Block – Series featuring classic cooks Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr and Julia Child. Channel: Cooking Channel TX: 1st June 2010 Source: Cynopsis

State of Emergency in Kingston

Things are kicking off in Kingston, Jamaica as Christopher Coke resists extradition to the USA on drugs charges. He is said to have been instrumental in the cocaine wars of the 1980s, in which hundreds of people died. Streets in West Kingston have been barricaded and people warned to stay away from the area after […]

Greenlit: Unsusual Suspects, Investigation Discovery

Unusual Suspects ( x60′) – Docuseries featuring stories of some of the most challenging crime cases in the USA. Channel: Investigation Discovery TX: 21 June 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: My Pet Shame, Sky 1 HD

My Pet Shame (6×60′) – Actress Joanna Page presents this new series about pets with embarrassing problems, which vet Marc Abraham then attempts to cure. Channel: Sky 1 HD Producer: Tiger Aspect TX: June 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: My Workout, ION Life

My Workout – Hollywood’s premier celebrity trainers lead a fitness program. Channel: ION Life Producer: Shankly Productions TX: Summer 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Rob Brydon Show, BBC2

The Rob Brydon Show (7×30′) – Entertainment show fronted by comedian Rob Brydon who interviews fellow comedians and sings with featured bands. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Arbie TX: Late 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Cook Like An Iron Chef, Cooking Channel

Cook Like an Iron Chef – Daytime series in which Iron Chef Michael Symon shows viewers how to become an Iron Chef using their specialist cooking methods. Channel: Cooking Channel TX: July 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: We Built the Titanic, Channel 4

We Built The Titanic (5×60′) – Engineers Dave Wilkes, Brendan Walker, Yewande Akinola and Luke Perry attempt to reconstruct a section of the Titanic using traditional construction methods. Channel: Channel 4 / Nat Geo Producer: Twenty Twenty TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

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