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Urban Africa

London’s Design Museum is currently (until 5th September 2010) a collection of photographs of urban Africa taken by architect David Adjaye.  It is part of his project to photograph and document key cities in Africa as part of a  on study new patterns of urbanism. This collection of photographs is a personal quest through the eyes of an architect designed to address the scant knowledge of the
built environment of the African continent.

Often regarded as a continent defined by underdevelopment, poverty, war and tourism, through this exhibition Adjaye presents Africa in a different light, capturing  the urban development of cities including Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda showing traces of its Colonial past, Tripoli in Libya, very much invaded by the energy of the present, the informal settlements on the edges of new cities like Abuja, Nigeria and the traces of apartheid still inscribed on Pretoria, South Africa.

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