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Greenlit: Incest: The Last Taboo? Current TV

Incest: the Last Taboo? (1×60′) – Documentary about the phenomenon of genetic sexual attraction (GSA) and the community who believe that their adult incestuous relationships should not be deemed illegal by law and are fighting for legal recognition of their partnerships, mirroring the early stages gay rights movement of the seventies. Featuring Ruth, a woman from London who has had a son with her father, Ron who fell in love with his sister and Alex and Pau, a brother and sister in their early twenties who live together as an ‘ordinary’ couple in Seattle.

Channel: Current TV

Producer: Directed by Nicole Precel, Produced by Nick Ahlmark/ Nicole Precel

TX: 26th April 2010

Source: Current TV

Current TV (Virgin 155/ Sky 183) is a  broadcaster of factual programming in the UK, US and Italy for an audience of smart 25-44 year olds. Launched in the UK in 2005, the channel is unique in commissioning both emerging talent and established production companies. As well as single documentaries, the channel will be ordering series and formats in 2010.


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