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Design for Health

UK design firm Priestmangoode believe that healthcare could be improved by applying the same design principles to hospitals and clinics that are applied in the luxury travel trade and first class cabins in airplanes. They have written a manifesto, which revolves around the following principles: Healthcare doesn’t need to be in a hospital; Buildings need […]

Law Degree for Sale

A young, cheesed off Silicon Valley lawyer has put his law degree up for sale on Craigslist for $59,250 (the outstanding amount of the $100K student loan). Read his reasons, which include boring colleagues and a screwed up work/aspiration balance, here. Hat tip: @jonathanfields

Making Over Carlisle Train Station

Carlisle’s railway station platform was turned into a lounge and garden area for filming for a TV ad for DIY store homebase. Commuters enjoyed the sofas and garden landscaping that they started a Facebook page to try to keep the newly made over station as it was. The number of fans has reached 8,000+ but […]

Single Black Female

Karyn Langhorne Folan, author of Don’t Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions that Keep Black Women From Dating Out, suggests that single African American women need to start dating outside their race if they are to find a partner. Part of the problem is that ‘good’ black men i.e. those with college degrees […]

In: David Padrusch, VP/Development and Executive Producer, Towers Productions

David Padrusch has been appointed as VP/Development and Executive Producer at Chicago-based Towers Productions (but he will be based in Boston). Source: Cynopsis

Do You Want to Kick Start Your Creativity? Here Are Ten Ways.

In TV development land we are on a constant treadmill of trying to come up with new ideas; and all that spontaneous generation, writing and pitching often comes to a slow, grinding halt when we run out of ideas or enthusiasm. So what to do?

Design blog ISO50 asked 25 people in the creative industries to share their methods for shaking off a creative block – there’s bound to be a suggestion in there that will help you get your project back on track. Click through to find out how they do it.

(Photo (C) TV Mole)

Greenlit: Fatal Attractions, Animal Planet

Fatal Attractions (3×60′) – Profiles the owners of dangerous animals such as big cats, chimps and reptiles. Channel: Animal Planet Producer: Oxford Scientific Films TX: Feb/March 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Bath Crashers, DIY Network

Bath Crashers – Matt Muenster surprises people who are browsing in home improvement stores and offers to make over their bathrooms. Channel: DIY Network TX: July 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Good Dog, Bad Dog, More4

Good Dog, Bad Dog (1×60′) – Documentary exploring the issues surrounding the breeding of pedigree dogs. Channel: More 4 Producer: Mentorn Media TX: March 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The DIY Dominator, DIY Network

The DIY Dominator – A competition series hosted by Chris Grundy in which three hopefuls compete for a cash prize. Channel: DIY Network TX: June 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Rock Solid: Top 10, DIY Network

Rock Solid: Top 10 – Cousins Dean Marisco and Derek Stearns reveal the top ten ways to create marvellous masonry. Channel: DIY Network TX: June 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Money Hunters, DIY Network

Money Hunters – Contractor Matt Blashaw and real estate agent Deanne Bell give guidance about bringing in a renovation on budget. Channel: DIY Network TX: May 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Rescue Renovation, DIY Network

Rescue Renovation – Kayleen McCabe helps people with their renovations. Channel: DIY Network TX: June  2010 Source: Cynopsis

Your Flying Car Awaits

Your Flying Car Awaits: Robot Butlers, Lunar Vacations, and Other Dead-Wrong Predictions of the Twentieth Century by Paul Milo looks at the world as we (well, scientists, novelists and cultural commentators) imagined it decades ago. Inevitably it contains some laughably inaccurate (with the benefit of hindsight) predictions such as weather that is as controllable as […]

Greenlit: The Business Inspector, Five

The Business Inspector (4×60′) – Ex-Secret Millionaire Hilary Devey steps in to help struggling small businesses with some tough talking. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Optomen TX: 10th March Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Desperate Landscapes: Top 10, DIY Network

Desperate Landscapes: Top 10 – Jason Cameron reveals the top ten tips for transforming a rundown yard into a showpiece. I Hate Your House Contractor Jonathan O’Leary and his sister designer Nicole O’Leary tackle houses where the homeowners have put off making improvements much to the dismay of their neighbors. Series premieres in April. Rescue […]

The Boneyard Aircraft Cemetery

Beautiful photograph of an airplane cemetery can be seen courtesy of Google Earth in The Telegraph.  The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is in Tuscon, Arizona and its four square miles are populated with partially dismantled or decommissioned aircraft, which are sometimes recycled and sometimes restored and sold on. Read more. Via @richpayne88

Greenlit: Sentanced, OWN

Sentenced w/t ( x 60′)  –  Docseries based at Rockville Correctional Facility, Illinois, following the rehabilitation of women at a high security prison. Channel: OWN Producer: 44 Blue Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: My First Sale, HGTV

My First Sale – Docuseries featuring first-time sellers as they try to sell their home. Channel: HGTV TX: 18th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

More Earthquakes on the Horizon

The Washington Post reports that the detestation caused by the Haitian earthquake is unlikely the last we’ll see. Two hundred years ago only Beijing boasted more than one million inhabitants: today there are 381 cities with more than one million residents and several sit on a geological fault line. Geologists estimate that we could see […]

Greenlit: Home Rules, HGTV

Home Rules – Life coach Fran Harris and a designer relieve a family’s stress with a home and lifestyle makeover. Channel: HGTV TX: 15th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Tough as Nails, HGTV

Tough as Nails – Observational documentary series following property developer Cindy Stumpo. Channel: HGTV TX: 14th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

The Gates of Hell

Visit Atlas Obscura for some of “the world’s wonders, curiosities and esoterica” including an article on The Gates of Hell, a fiery 328 ft wide hole near small village of Derweze, Turkenistan, which has been burning ever since a Russian drilling rig punctured a gas-filled cavern. They lost their rig, as it fell into the […]

Greenlit: The Guard, ION Television

The Guard ( x60′) – Docuseries following members of the Canadian Coastguard Search and Rescue Team. . Channel: ION Television Producer: Halifax Films / Brightlight Pictures / Lionsgate TX: 13th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Selling New York, HGTV

Selling New York – Series focusing on the real estate market in Manhattan. Channel: HGTV TX: 18th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Destination Design, HGTV

Destination Design – Designer Taniya Nayak sends homeowners on a foreign vacation to find design inspiration for their home makeover. Channel: HGTV TX: 6th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

How We Have All Become Richard Nixon by Adam Curtis

Here’s something to watch with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Here’s a short film by Adam Curtis, who in this short film explains “Why We Have All Become Richard Nixon”, or in other words, “paranoid weirdos”. Watch it here:

CableFAX’s Best Websites 2010 – Part II: Blogs

CableFAX’s Best of the Web awards ceremony is being held in NYC on 28th April 2010. All commissioners now want to know what the multiplatform/360 degree content will be for any idea you pitch, but it can be hard to think beyond the standard programme website content of cast photos and biogs. In the second part of this mini-series we’re looking at the nominations for best programme blogs. Explore the links and see if you can find some inspiration to help you develop your own ideas.

Click through to read more. (Photo by Niffty.. CC BY-2.0)

Books to Inspire You

Barnes & Noble Review has published a list of recently published and forthcoming 20 books they’re excited about. In amongst them are a number that might (obviously or with a bit of creative thinking) make a good factual programme, such as: 36 Arguments for the Existence of God by Rebecca Goldstein –  a novel about […]

Greenlit: The Art of Maps, BBC4

The Art of Maps (4×60′) – Looks at the story of four maps using original artwork, journals, archive and testimony. Accompanied by a website were viewers can explore five historic maps. Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda And Art an exhibition at the British Library runs from 30th April to 19th September 2010. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Tern […]

Greenlit: Mapping the World, BBC4

Mapping the World (3×60′) – Professor Jerry Brotton explores the history of mapping from rock art to Google Earth and looks at how they are related to power, romance, wars and exploration. Channel: BBC4 Producer: BBC TX: Spring 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, BBC1

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (8×60′) – Steve Jones presents a game show in which people answer questions in the hope of winning £10,000. If they choose the wrong answer they are ejected from the show via a range of physically challenging means – for example as a human cannonball. Channel: BBC1 Producer: […]

Get a Great Boss

Get a Great Boss is a recruitment website that aims to match job seekers with bosses who have been assessed as having the kind of management skills that make going into work every day a joy. Key skills that are deemed essential in a Great Boss include: character and personality; strategic thinking; support and treatment […]

Greenlit: Half Pint Brawlers, Spike TV

Half Pint Brawlers (6×30′) -Docuseries following a performance group of  wrestlers (who have dwarfism) and their mascot puppet ‘The Psycho Dwarf’. Channel: Spike TV Producer: The Idea Factory / Lumberjack Crew TX: June 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Antonio Treatment, HGTV

The Antonio Treatment –  HGTV Design Star winner Antonio Ballatore transforms home gyms, offices and restaurants in his new series. Channel: HGTV TX: 14th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: If You Really Knew Me, MTV

If You Really Knew Me (12x ) – Billed as the real Breakfast Club, each episode focuses on a different American high school, where different cliques will be brought together to participate in Challenge Day. Channel: MTV Producer: Arnold Shapiro Productions TX: Late 2010 Source: Cynopsis

The Twitter Times

You might be au fait with Twitter but did you know you could generate your own newspaper via Twitter? The Guardian explains how – The Twitter Tim.es collates blog posts and news items from your Twitter connections into an online ‘newspaper’ that is updated every 30 minutes. Content is displayed according to recency of tweeting […]

Greenlit: Undateable, VH1

Undateable (5×60′) – Stripped across five nights, this series investigates all the things men do that irritate and repel women. Channel: VH1 TX: 19th April 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Out: Adeline Ramage Rooney, Commissioning Editor, Feature, Channel 4

Adeline Ramage Rooney has left her post of commissioning editor, features at Channel 4 to take up a role as US VP/Programmes and Development at the LA office of Gordon Ramsay’s indie One Potato Two Potato Source: Broadcast

In: Alberta Nokes, VP/Development, Frantic Films

Alberta Nokes has been appointed VP/Development at Frantic Films, Toronto. Source: Cynopsis

In: Anne-Marie Varner, VP/Development, Frantic Films

Anne-Marie Varner has been appointed VP/Development at Frantic Films, Toronto. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: My Name is Muhammad, BBC1

My Name Is Muhammad – Documentary that interviews a range of people called Muhammad, including a white convert, former skinhead, an airline pilot and a woman, to find out their experiences of being Muslim in the UK today. Channel: BBC1 Source: BBC Press Office

Greenlit: Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children, BBC4

Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children (1×60′) – Undercover documentary about the plight of children in Zimbabwe’s repressive regime, featuring by a Zimbabwean filmmaker who takes us on a personal journey. Channel: BBC4 Source: BBC Press Office

Greenlit: Why Did You Kill My Dad? BBC2

Why Did You Kill My Dad? – Documentary by filmmaker Julian Hendy, whose father was killed by a man with mental health problems. Hendy investigates what went wrong and the wider impact of such incidents. Channel: BBC2 TX: Week of 27th Feb TBC Source: BBC Press Office

Greenlit: Single, Together, Whatever, BBC2

Single, Together, Whatever (6 x ) – Observational documentary series following the lives and loves of teenagers. Channel: BBC2 Switch Producer: Firecracker Films TX: Saturdays Source: C21

RIP: Sarah Mulvey, Commissioning Editor Documentaries, Channel 4

Sarah Mulvey, Commissioning Editor Documentaries, Channel 4 has died, it was reported in The Guardian. RIP.

Documentary Television.com

Peter Hamilton, ex-CBS exec turned TV consultant has just launched a new blog documentarytelevision.com.  A regular on the conference panel circuit, Peter shares his knowledge of Discovery network budgets in one of his first posts. For example: Discovery’s budgets range from $250 per hour for a low budget programme to $1,500 to a showcase programme. […]

Greenlit: Transform Me, VH1

Transform Me (8×30′) –  Three transgendered women perform a fashion make over on a woman in each show. Channel: VH1 Producer: Left/Right Inc. TX: 15th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: First Love, Second Chance, TV Land

First Love, Second Chance (6x ) – Ex-couples are reunited to see if they can reignite their romance. Channel: TV Land Producer: ITV TX: 10th March 2010 Source: Cynopsis


So here’s the latest hot social networking trend that you probably shouldn’t try out at work: Chatroulette. It’s like extreme internet form of speed-dating, where clicking on the link suddenly links you up via video to one of the thousands of people from around the world who are online at any time. The idea is […]

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