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Greenlight The Stupid Show

stupidshowlogoAt the recent Sheffield Doc/Fest it was hard to move for mentions of 360 content and what it might mean for documentary makers. One filmmaker who has embraced the web to help crowd fund her latest film is Franny Armstrong, who presented an entertaining masterclass on the making of climate change film The Age of Stupid. Just a couple of hours before she spoke, Franny sealed a deal with BBC2’s Storyville strand who agreed to show the film before the summit. As the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen approaches, The Age of Stupid team are now launching a live web series that ties in with the event, and are once again reaching out to the public to help fund it.

The Stupid Show is a 8×20′ live web TV series that will be broadcast from the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen on 7th-18th December 2009. Its mission is ” make ‘the most important meeting in human history’ comprehensible for ordinary people”.

The show is modeling itself as a “budget version of The Daily Show” and will feature The Age of Stupid‘s director Franny Armstrong interviewing any famous person that happens to wander past.

There are a number of strands within the show:

  1. In Bed With… – in which “key climate figures” (I assume people rather than statistics) are filmed in places that rhyme with their name
  2. Felix’s Song – the lead singer of Cat Empires sings the climate summit news
  3. Not Stupid of the Day – a daily award that recognizes the countries that are doing the right thing
  4. Webonary – an in-house artist draws complex climate change issues – text or tweet to win the finished piece
  5. Piece of the Action – daily news report from the inside

The series is budgeted at £60K and so far they have raised £672. Which might not seem like a lot at this short notice, but Franny is a master of alternative fund-raising, having already raised more than £450K to fund the production and distribution of The Age of Stupid via ‘shares’ (which aren’t shares in a legal sense but do give you a share of any profits the film makes).

This time, you can help fund the show, get your name in the credits and get the climate change message out by paying for part of the production budget.  For example, you could pay for a whole strand for £1,600 – £2,400, or if that seems a bit steep you could buy one of the following:

  • Kazoos, tambourines, drums (£10)
  • Webpage design (£10)
  • Mini DV tape (£2)
  • Six beds in a shared house for Team Stupid (£90)
  • Camera-gal Zeina’s accommodation and food (£30)

There are many other options – check them out and buy here.


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