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Meet the Entertainment Commissioner: Richard Woolfe, Five

Richard Woolfe, Channel Controller at Five, recently outlined his commissioning needs to attendees of the Broadcast Entertainment Forum (as of September 2009).

Photo by Torres CC BY 2.0

Photo by Torres CC BY-SA 2.0

Richard's View on Five
  • Five is looking for ‘fun’.
  • Wants entertainment to be the flagship genre for Five.
Looking For:
  • Programmes that will make the channel famous – noisy, talked-about programmes that have a life outside of TV eg. in the newspapers or on forums.
  • Doesn’t want “me too” shows that feel derivative.
  • Talent is important – has just signed up Justin Lee Collins. Generally wants established faces rather than new talent.
  • Ideas for viewers aged 16-34 years.
  • Big shows that resonate with the nation.
How to pitch
  • Want to feel that you have pitched them first with your idea – if you’ve pitched it elsewhere, make sure you’ve taken the other channel’s name off the proposal.

Source: Broadcast Entertainment Forum 24th September 2009

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