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Greenlit: Grenzgaenger, ZDF/Arte

Grenzgaenger (5×60′) – Natural history series that explores the the flora and fauna of the former East-West German border; a 1400km strip of land that came to symbolise both a divided country and the Cold War itself.  Andreas Kieling – Germany’s foremost wildlife film-maker –  walks the length of the former Iron Curtain, exploring a wilderness that has remained untouched for twenty years.  On his journey, Andreas examines Germany’s indigenous species which have returned, thriving, to the former “strip of death”, land once in the shadow of the infamous Wall.  What was once known as “No-Man’s-Land” is now home to a remarkable re-birth of nature.

The film is an exhilarating encounter with the German people, culture and wildlife, discovering breathtakingly beautiful landscapes deep in the heart of Germany, that for most of the last century were crushed between two mighty and opposing Blocs.

Andreas is followed on his journey by a top team from Skyworks, industry leaders in aerial filming. Filming the entire length of Andreas’ hike, these images show the beautiful Central European landscapes in a way they have never been seen before.

Channel: ZDF / Arte

Producer: Off the Fence

TX: 26 October 2009 (under the title Andreas Kieling: Mitten im wilden Deutschland)

Source: Off the Fence press release via Realscreen


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