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Love Across the Ages?

The Guardian reports that a man whose oldest child is 80 has married a 17-year-old girl. Somalian Ahmed Muhamed Dhore, who says he is 112 years old has 114 grand-children and great-grandchildren from his five wives (one marriage lasted 75 years). He is looking forward to having more children with his new bride. Read the […]

Meet the Entertainment Commissioner: Matthew Littleford, UKTV

Matthew Littleford, Controller UKTV, recently outlined his commissioning needs to attendees of the Broadcast Entertainment Forum (as of September 2009). Matthew commissions entertainment across several channels at UKTV: Alibi, Gold, Watch and Dave. Matthew’s View on UKTV Gold – transmits classic BBC comedy and programmes that support that comedy. Alibi – Largely co-produced crime programmes; […]

Greenlit: The White House: Through the Lens, PBS

The White House: Through the Lens (1×60′) – Exclusive access documentary that follows President Barack Obama’s daily life over four months (October 09 – January 2010, including filming at the Oval office, Marine One and Air Force One. First Lady Michelle Obama will also feature. Channel: PBS Producer: National Geographic Television TX: November 2010 Source: […]

BBC Archive

The BBC is making its historic TV, photo, document and radio archive available online. Dating from 70 years ago, the archive is divided into collections including The Berlin Wall, Tomorrow’s World, Cambridge Spies, Genesis of Dr Who and Working Class Life. Explore more collections.

Greenlit: Extreme Trucking, History

Extreme Trucking – Follows American truckers who have to navigate the most hazardous roads in the world. Channel: History Producer: Original Productions TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Sliced, History

Sliced –  Documentary series that reveals how objects work by cutting them in two. Channel: History Producer: Powderhouse Productions TX: 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Strike Dice!

Strike Dice! Betting on My Father is a documentary by Natalie Picoe, which tells the story of her attempt to save her gambling addicted father when he goes missing in Las Vegas. She finds him, but he’s homeless and unrecognizable. Can she get him off the streets and into normal society? Watch video clips.

Una Corda – Piano Trafficking

Una Corda is an Irish non-profit organization that is helping to train young piano tuners in Cuba and equip them to  restore pianos that have fallen into disrepair. Havana’s National Workshop of Instrument Repair was the traditional training centre for Cuba’s piano tuners but, after a Soviet training programme closed, the workshop has been neglected […]

Greenlit: The Curfew, Ch4 Online

The Curfew explores identity, citizenship, politics and privacy in a game set in the near future in which a night-time curfew is imposed upon teenagers. Channel: Channel 4 website Producer: Littleloud TX: June 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Forces Reunited, Sky Real Lives

Forces Reunited (10×30′) – HD docuseries presented by Fiona Philips  that examines the emotional side of war and features reunions of WWII soldiers and new dads meeting their babies for the first time. Channel: Sky Real Lives Producer: Leopard Films TX: Spring 2010 Source: Broadcast

Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

With Christmas Trees appearing in shop windows it must be time to start panicking about buying your Christmas gifts. If you have a geek in your life, over to ThinkGeek for some techie presents such as a T-Shirt that lights up to alert you when are in a WiFi hotspot, a T-shirt that does double […]

Greenlit: American Pickers, History

American Pickers w/t  (10x ) – Docuseries about expert antique hunters Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who travel the back roads of America looking for treasures. Channel: History Producer: Cineflix Productions TX: 18th Jan 2010  UPDATE: The premiere a total of 3.1m viewers – History’s highest premiere since Ice Road Truckers. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Bethenny Frankel, Bravo

Bethenny Frankel w/t – Docuseries follows the love life of season Bethenny Frankel (The Real Housewives of New York City) who is a natural foods chef. Channel: Bravo Producer: Shed Media USA TX: TBC Source: Variety

UK Journalists on Twitter

If you are interested in what UK journalists are up to or you are trying to track someone down (but not, however, stalk them) you’d do worse than head over to PR Blogger.com for an exhaustive list of journalists from Channel4, News of the World, Cosmopolitan, NME and New Scientist and beyond.

Greenlit: Fabio: A Catered Affair, Bravo

Fabio: A Catered Affair – Docuseries follows Jacopo Falleni and Top Chef finalist Fabio Viviani as they attempt to grow their LA catering business. l Channel: Bravo Producer: Magical Elves TX: TBC Source: Variety

Greenlit: Christian Siriano, Bravo

Christian Siriano w/t – Docuseries follows season 4 winner of Project Runway, Christian Siriano as he markets his new clothing line. Channel: Bravo Producer: Magical Elves TX: TBC Source: Variety

Recession Blessings

For many people getting laid off is a personal and financial disaster; for others it becomes an  enforced opportunity to try something different and discover that it makes them happier and sometimes even wealthier.  Real estate agent to pinata importer, lumber mill worker to nurse, IT recruiter to dog walker, people are changing careers and […]

Greenlit: Apocalypse: The Second World War, Smithsonian

Apocalypse: The Second World War (6×60′) – Martin Sheen narrates this documentary series that focuses on never-seen-before witness archive from WWII. Channel: Smithsonian Channel / France 2 Producer: CC&C Louis Vaudeville TX: 11th November 2009 Source: Cynopsis

In: John Miller, SVP/Original Productions and Development, WE tv

John Miller has been appointed as SVP / Original Productions and Development at WE tv and  Wedding Central. He previously worked as EVP/Television at The Weinstein Company. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Child Protectors, BBC2

The Child Protectors (1×60′) – Panorama documentary investigating the lives and roles of social workers at Coventry’s referral and assessment centre for child protection as they try to identify children at risk of harm. Channel: BBC2 (Panorama strand) Producer: Films of Record TX: November 2009 Source: Broadcast

Book of Odds

The Book of Odds is “the world’s first reference on the odds of everyday life…. from the odds of being the only one to survive a plane crash, to the odds of having a heart attack, to the odds of having ever eaten cold pizza for breakfast.” It’s a good looking website with lots of […]

Greenlit: The Season, BBC 2

The Season – A Laguna Beach-style constructed reality ob doc series for teenagers that follows the work and love lives of young people in the ski resort of Val d’Isare. Channel: BBC 2 (Switch) Producer: Lime Pictures TX: 31st October 2009 Source: C21

In: Shane Allen, Acting Head of Entertainment, Ch4

Shane Allen has been temporarily appointed to be acting head of entertainment (as well as head of comedy) at Channel 4 until the post is filled permanently. He has previously worked on Shooting Stars, Ali G in the USA and Brass Eye Special. Source: Broadcast

Those About to Die Salute You

Things got a little fierce in the NYC museum world this summer as representatives of museums in Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn staged a Roman battle, in which baguette swords were brandished and watermelon cannonballs fired in a recreation of a Naval battle. Read a review in New York Magazine.

Greenlit: Britain’s Fattest Man, Ch4

Britain’s Fattest Man w/t (1×60′) – Documentary profiling Paul Mason, a 70-stone, 48 yr-old man who is facing surgery to reduce his life-threatening weight. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Electric Sky Source: Broadcast

Sheffield DocFest: Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore’s latest documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, will screen at Sheffield’s Showroom Cinemas on Saturday 7th November at 2.30pm. Capitalism: A Love Story returns to the issue that Michael Moore has been examining throughout his career: the disastrous impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans, and by default, the rest of […]

Greenlit: The Friday Show, BBC Northern Ireland

The Friday Show – Eamonn Holmes and Rachel Tucker present an entertainment show that features music, games and comedy. Channel: BBC Northern Ireland Producer: Green Inc. Productions TX: 23 October, 2009 Source: C21

Three Die at Self-Help Retreat

The Huffington Post reports that two people (now three) people died when they took part in a sweat lodge at the end of a self-help retreat in Arizona run by spiritual guru James Ray.  Sixty people had paid $10,000 to attend the  retreat and were confined to a tent for several hours, as the temperature […]

Asleep at the Wheel?

The Wall Street Journal asks whether two Northwest Airline pilots who overflew their destination airport by 150 miles were having a furious argument (as they claim) or were asleep (as other people suggest). Either way, it’s not good. Read the full article.

Clown Convention

Clown fearers look away now: 200 clowns recently descended on Mexico City for a clown convention. In among the seminars and make up tips, they were protesting Mexico’s raising of taxes, which poor clowns can’t afford. Hat tip to: @barryjamesgibb Watch the video:

Exactititudes – Uniform Groups

Exactitudes, a 14-yr anthropological photographic project from Rotterdam based photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek. I  is a visual representation of different groups of people who consciously or unconsciously strive to look like each other in order to belong to a subcultural group or differentiate themselves from others.  Check out Chairmen in Beijing, Habibties […]

Greenlit: A Tale of Two Britains, BBC4

A Tale of Two Britains (1×60′) – Documentary that interviews historians to discover that the 1930s was a period of transformation. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Blakeway Productions TX: 21 October 2009 Source: C21

Greenlit: March of the Dinosaurs, History Canada, Nat Geo, France 5, ITV1

March of the Dinosaurs (1×97′) – Computer generated documentary that follows a 1,000 Arctic journey undertaken by Arctic dinosaurs, based on recently found dino bones. Channel: History Television (Canada), National Geographic, US,  Super RTL, France 5 / ITV1 Producer: Wide Eyed Entertainment and Toronto-based Yap Films. TX: Late 2010 Source: C21

Greenlit: The Birth of Hollywood, BBC2

The Birth of Hollywood (3×60′) – Comedian Paul Merton presents this documentary series that celebrates the centenary of Hollywood’s film industry and explores how silent movies have influenced comedy and modern films. Channel: BBC2 Producer: BBC Bristol TX: 2011 Source: Broadcast

Meet the Entertainment Commissioner: Mark Sammon, Virgin Media

Mark Sammon, Head of Commissioning at Virgin Media TV, recently outlined his commissioning needs to attendees of the Broadcast Entertainment Forum (as of September 2009). Mark commissions programmes for Virgin 1, Bravo and Living. Mark’s View on Living Living is aimed at young women; its competition is ITV2 and BBC3. Celebrities, dating, weddings and makeovers […]

Greenlit: The Bubble, BBC2

The Bubble (6×30′) – David Mitchell hosts the UK version of an Isreali format, that sees three celebs attempting to answer news, current affairs and celebrity gossip questions after being locked in a house with no access to TV, radio, phone or internet. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Hat Trick TX: 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Band for Britain, BBC2

Band for Britain (3×60′) – Sue Perkins tries to build a brass band in Dinnington, South Yorkshire, from its remaining 5 members, and get them ready to compete in a major competition. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Shine TX: Monday 8th March, Monday 15th March and Monday 22nd March at 9pm on BBC2 (thank you for the […]

Greenlit: Derren Brown Meets… Ch4

Derren Brown Meets w/t (3×60′) – Illusionist Derren Brown lives with people in the US and UK who believe in the paranormal and attempt to understand their beliefs. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Objective Productions TX: 2010 Source: Broadcast

Vintage Coffee Bar Culture

The history of coffee bars in London’s Soho, starting with a shepherd and some caffeinated sheep in the 1950s. “Half them will sit all night if you give them a chance, and then they complain their coffee is cold…” complete with Carry On accents. Delicious. Via @LDN Watch the video:

Greenlit: Nature’s Miracle Babies, BBC1

Nature’s Miracle Babies (5×60′) – Martin Hughes-Games presents a natural history series about  the ground-breaking work of pioneering programmes to protect some of the world’s most threatened animals. Through hands-on experience Martin investigates the cutting-edge science, dedication and perseverance of some inspirational individuals as they endeavour to make a difference to the survival of these […]

Greenlit: The Michael Vick Project, BET

The Michael Vick Project w/t (8x ) – Docuseries following NFL quarterback Michael Vick (who’s just served 18  months in prison for dog fighting). Channel: BET Producer: DuBose Entertainment / MV7 Productions / Category 5 Entertainment TX: 2nd February 2010 Source: LA Times

Sheffield DocFest: Moving to Mars

This year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest opens on 4th November with the World Premiere of Moving to Mars: A Million Miles from Burma. The documentary follows two Burmese refugee families who are relocated to Sheffield, depicting their moving and sometimes humorous struggles in 21st Century Britain. The documentary will be shown on More4 later this year. The […]

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tax Returns

William J. Quirk  has analyzed F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tax returns, which were saved by his friend who was helping Fitzgerald’s daughter clear out his possessions after his death. They reveal that he was cautious financially  and kept a detailed record of all his earnings, including royalties of $5.10 from The Great Gatsby. He struggled to […]

Greenlit: The Event: How Racist Are You? Ch4

The Event: How Racist Are You? – Experiment that asks 30 British adults to experience discrimination based on the colour of their eyes, in a recreation of an infamous exercise carried out by a US schoolteacher on her class of nine-year-olds 40 years ago. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Dragonfly TX: Early November 2009 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Heavy Hauler, TLC

Heavy Hauler – Docuseries follows the Patterson family whose business is moving massive structures – trains, planes, churches, mansions and ships –  across the USA. Channel: TLC Producer: Windfall Films TX: 22nd October 2009 Source: C21

Greenlit: Is It Better to Be Mixed Race? Ch4

Is It Better to Be Mixed Race? (1×60′) – Geneticist Aarathi Prasad explores whether being mixed race offers biological advantages. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Remarkable Television TX: Early November 2009 Source: Broadcast

Stephen King Mystery Book Launch

Stephen King’s new book, Under the Dome, is being published in the UK on 10th November 2009, but in the run up to its release you can get involved in nation and web wide game to win the chance of early access to curl up with a special edition for the night in a hotel. […]

Greenlit: Plastic Surgery and Race, Ch4

Plastic Surgery and Race (2×60′) – Two-parter that explores the issues around six people’s desire to ‘westernise’ their looks and Michael Jackson’s physical transformation. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Wildcard TX: Early November 2009 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo, Ch4

Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo (1×60′) – Rageh Omaar investigates Nobel Prize winner James Watson’s claims that black people aren’t as intelligent as other races. Channel: Channel 4 Producer: Windfall Films TX: Early November 2009 Source: Broadcast

Out: Andrew Newman, Entertainment Commissioner, Ch4

Andrew Newman, Channel 4’s head of entertainment and comedy is joining Objective Productions as chief creative officer. Source: Broadcast

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