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Meet the Commissioner: Claudia Rosencrantz, Virgin Media

Photo by Torres CC BY 2.0

Photo by Torres CC BY-SA 2.0

Claudia Rosencrantz is director of TV for Virgin Media; she recently outlined her current channel strategy and needs (as of August 2009).

Claudia's View on Virgin Media
  • Virgin channels consist of Virgin1, Bravo, Living and Challenge. Trouble was recently cancelled as its audience was too niche (boys aged 12-14 years).
  • Living is a channel for women under 44 years, with some shared viewing (budget £60-£120 per hour).
  • Living 2 will be rebranded channel in autumn 2009.
  • Virgin 1 is warm, smart, and mixes it up (and sometimes takes it too far) eg. The Naked Office, Sun, Sea and A&E, Trawlers, Rigs and Rescues
  • Bravo is male skewed to younger men eg. Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men
  • Not currently commissioning shows for Challenge.
  • Can often commission very quickly.
Coming Up
  • Dating in the Dark – Jon de Mol format in which couples date over a couple of days, but are only allowed to meet in a darkened room. At the end of two days, once they’ve got to know each other and decided if they like their prospective partner, the lights are turned on to reveal whether or not their beau is as attractive as they’d imagined them to be.
Looking For:
  • On Living:
    • One off programmes in the Living with…. brand.
    • Episodic repeatable shows
    • Talent – iconic people and extraordinary people doing ordinary things eg. The Hoff, Jade
How to pitch 
  • Mark Sammon is head of commissioning and the first point of contact for pitches.
  • Think about 360 degree content – interested in shortform content online.
  • Worth taking in a ‘back pocket idea’ too.

Source: MGEITF session 29 August 2009

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