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Greenlit: Games Britannia, BBC4

Games Britannia –  (1×60′) In a season of programming celebrating the act of play, BBC Four uncovers the hidden history of an activity that gives us a unique perspective on our past, as well as an exciting vision for our future. Last year, Britons bought more board and computer games than books, CDs and DVDs. In Games Britannia, historian and broadcaster Benjamin Woolley explores the roots of what is now a multi-billion pound global industry and a peculiarly British obsession. In a bid to discover what makes play so compelling, so enjoyable, so infuriating and so much fun, Benjamin challenges experts, enthusiasts and even the occasional celebrity to play a variety of games and gadgets.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC

TX: Autumn 2009/Winter 2010

Source: BBC Press Office


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