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Greenlit: Digging Up the Dead, BBC4

Digging Up the Dead (1×60′) – For the first time since its bloody civil war and the long years of brutal dictatorship, Spain is officially examining its past with the exhumation of its mass graves. Michael Portillo, whose father was exiled for fighting for democracy after Spain fell to Franco 70 years ago, returns to examine the effect that this opening up of old wounds will have on a country which had chosen to forget. The mass graves, some of which contain more than 4,000 bodies, have remained untouched, until now. Travelling to his father’s home town of Madrigal, Granada and Malaga, Michael talks to ordinary people about their memories and their desire to recover the bodies of their loved ones.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: Liberty Bell

TX: Autumn 2009 / Winter 2010

Source: BBC Press Office


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