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Cat Cam

Now you too can do some Spy in the Herd-type filming, or at lease your cat can. Head on over to Maplins to get a Pet’s Eye View Camera to see what your kitty gets up to whilst you are at work. Hat tip: @Rhodri

In: Danny Tepper, Director/Programming, DIY Network

Danny Tepper has been appointed Director/Programming at DIY Network, supervising the development of original programming and reporting to Andy Singer, Head/Programming, DIY Network.

Greenlit: Plate Expectations, BBC2

Plate Expectations w/t –  Follows The Restaurant series two runners-up, Alasdair and James, as they go it alone as event caterers.  Always minutes away from disaster in the show, they have since been taken under Raymond’s wing, learning the trade at one of his top restaurants. Now it’s time to see whether they can tell […]

Greenlit: Raymond Blanc: Step by Step, BBC2

Raymond Blanc: Step by Step w/t – is an accompaniment to The Restaurant in the form of a cookery series from the show’s star and world-renowned chef Raymond Blanc. Channel: BBC2 Producer: BBC TX: TBC Source: BBC Press Office

Eligible Men

Daily Motion has a video of found footage of dating agency videos, which shows a procession of hapless men explaining what they are looking for in love “vivacious, foxy”, “the goddess”, and why they are eligible bachelors (“I’m an executive by day and a wild man at night.” “I’m atonal.”, “I’m interested in most phases […]

Forensic Aspects of Ancient Egypt Study Day

Ever wondered how archaeologists work out the age at death of a mummy or skeleton?  How do they know if the body is male or female?  What diseases did people have?  How can we identify the men and women from ancient times? Joyce Filer, formerly Curator of Human & Animal Remains, Dept of Ancient Egypt […]

Greenlit: Holy Moly, MTV UK

Holy Moly (TBC) (pilot + poss. 10 x ) – Holy Moly web presenter Matt Edmondson presents a weekly studio-based TV spin off of the gossip website with celebrity gossip and videos. Channel: MTV UK Producer: Zig Zag TX: January 2010 Source: Guardian

Greenlit: A Century of Fatherhood, BBC4

A Century of Fatherhood (3×60′) – A doc series exploring how the nature and perception of fatherhood has changed over the last 100 years, featuring interviews with different generations of fathers. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Testimony Films TX: 2010 (during Fatherhood Season) Source: Broadcast

Rooms of Japanese Teenagers

DamnCoolPics has a set of photos that give a glimpse into the bedrooms (and lives) of Japanese teenagers. Some of the rooms look like video stores, others somewhere between an edit suite and an amusement arcade. And there’s a lot of pink. Peek here.

Trouble in Disneyland

Dick Cook, a long-time Disney exec, has been ousted from his post amid speculation that the company might be changing direction in order to try to capture the attentions of young men. It’s a tale of secret talks, takeovers and Toy Story, full of intrigue and second guessing. Read the full article in the LA […]

Greenlit: Flash Forward Keyword Campaign, ABC.com

Flash Forward is an ABC drama series that gives the world’s population a glimpse into their future, which forces everybody to decide whether they will fulfill or try to avoid their destinies. To promote the series  ABC.com has launched a ‘keyword campaign’ that embeds keywords in the end credits of each episode. Eventually, the words […]

Meet the Commissioner: Matthew Littleford, UKTV

Matthew Littleford is Channel Controller for the UKTV network; he recently outlined his current channel strategy and needs (as of August 2009).

Matthew’s View on UKTV

* Factual UKTV channels include: Dave, Really, Good Food, Home, Eden, Blighty, Watch and Yesterday.
* Dave website is rebranding and are launching a new schedule in mid-September.
* Really is reality/lifestyle programming for women aged 18-34 years.

Looking For:

* Cookery shows with new (and established) talent for Good Food
* Talent – bigger names.
* Noisy lifestyle shows – with focus on talent, home and foo.

How to pitch

* Send a one-liner with a snappy title.
(Photo by torrez CC BY-SA 2.0)

Greenlit: The Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath, Spike TV Online

The Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath – Online discussion after the end of each episode of The Ultimate Fighter, hosted by Amir Sadollah. After the TV bout, viewers can leave questions on spike.com, which will be put to experts such as Greg Jackson, Rashad Evans and Tiki Ghosn the following Monday. Eliminated fighters talk about the […]

Good Ideas in Storytelling

Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X, has just published his new novel, Generation A, and is at the start of a book tour across Canada, USA and the UK.  What you might not know is that he is also a visual artist, sculptor, furniture designer and screenwriter. Read his quotes, including: “Quick. Name ten dead […]

Double Trouble Pregnancy

Julia Grovenberg from Arkansas, USA  is expecting two babies: one on 24th December 2009 and the other about three weeks later. The babies were conceived on separate occassions and Julia and her husband were given the news by an astounded ultrasound technician. They have been trying for a baby for a while but refused IVF […]

A Tough Day at Work

If you are 62-years-old and heading towards retirement, you  might hope to freewheel through the last years of your working life. Not so for Washington D.C.’s Metro General Manager John B. Catoe Jr, who has recently had the toughest three months of his career; just before his contract renewal is due. Under pressure to modernize […]

Greenlit: Ghost Lab, Discovery

Ghost Lab (13 x ) – Brad and Barry Klinge visit America’s most haunted places in their mobile ‘ghost lab’, to investigate the paranormal happenings with their high tech ghost-busting equipment, including video surveillance and tools to analyze photos. Channel: Discovery Producer: Go Go Lucky Entertainment TX: 6th October, 2009 Source: Cynopsis

The Brixton Pound

Brixton in south London has just launched a new currency B£ – the Brixton pound – to encourage local people and businesses to spend their money locally. 70 local cafes, pubs and shops have signed up and the scheme is backed by Lambeth Council. Brixton is the fourth community in Britian to adopt a local […]

HBO Imagine

HBO Imagine is a new Flash-based multiplatform interactive storytelling site that tells a story from four different perspectives simultaneously. The stories play out on different walls of a video cube and you can click on arrows to turn the cube to get the full story. The are 41 bits of interrelated content including audio, news […]

Greenlit: Wallace and Gromit’s World of Science, BBC1

Wallace and Gromit’s World of Science – Innovative and humorous science series in which Wallace explores the scientific breakthroughs that influenced his inventions with the help of archive footage (and Gromit). Channel: BBC1 Producer: Aardman Animations Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Life, BBC1/Discovery

Life (10×60′) –  Our planet may be home to more than 30 million different animals and plants. And every single one is locked in its own life-long fight for survival. Life uncovers some extraordinary strategies they’ve developed to stay alive and to breed. Narrated by David Attenborough  (and Oprah Winfrey on Discovery Channel) and using […]

Greenlit: King of the Crown, TLC

King of the Crown (12x ) -Reality series that follows Cy Frakes who runs a beauty pageant business called Gowns and Crowns. Channel: TLC Producer: Five Five Productions / Discovery Studios TX: 30th September 2009 Source: Cynopsis


The death list is a macabre roll call of fifty famous people predicted to die in 2009 – so far nine people have fulfilled expectations. The list goes back to 1987 – in 1991, none of the people on the list died, but interestingly Saddam Hussein was on there. History could  have been very different… […]

Anglo-Saxon Pots of Gold

Terry Herbert, 55, struck gold in a farmer’s field in Staffordshire, UK, when he went metal detecting.  He discovered a stash of 1,500 gold and silver treasures that date back to the 7th century. The haul is being valued by experts but is likely to be worth seven figures, a sum that Mr Herbert will […]

Greenlit: My Life With Milk, Fruit TV

My Life with Milk – radio documentary featuring US gay rights campaigner Harvey Milk, which will be broadcast on new web broadcaster www.fruittv.tv. TX: 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Aids in America, Fruit TV

Aids in America – documentary featuring US HIV survivors talk about living with the disease, which will be shown on new web broadcaster www.fruittv.tv. TX: 2010 Source: Broadcast

Creatives’ House Swapping

Creative Caravan is  a free house swap / subletting site for people working in the advertising/media/fashion/art and design industries, the idea being that you are more likely to have something in common with your landlord / renter and so are less likely to run into incompatibility/expectation issues. Ideal for short term lets for vacation or […]

All The Things That Can be Made From a Pig

Once upon a time, Pig 05049 was slaughtered and was made into dozens of products – not all of them bacon. Christien Meindertsma spent three years researching the products that can be manufactured from one pig and discovered a list that included cigarettes, porcelain, chewing gum, heart valves, ammunition and bio diesel. Everything was recorded […]

Greenlit: Queer As Folk: Ten Years On, Fruit TV

Queer As Folk: Ten Years On – documentary featuring writer Russell T Davies about the groundbreaking show which will be shown on new gay/transgender web broadcaster www.fruittv.tv. TX: 2010

Greenlit: Take Me Out, ITV1

Take Me Out (8×60′) –  UK version of Fremantle Media France format. Paddy McGuinness tries to match a single guy with one of thirty women. The women remain on the show until they are picked. When they first set eyes on their potential suitor, the women can decide whether or not they might be interested. […]

MacArthur Fellows

Every year 24 outstanding US citizens are awarded MacArthur ‘genius’ grants of $500,000 over five years that they can use at their discretion.  Winners are confidentially nominated and know nothing of the process until they receive a call telling them they’ve been selected.  This years lucky recipients include an ornithologist, an evolutionary biologist, a biogeochemist […]

Babelgum Metropolis Art Prize 2009

Babelgum is running a competition to find art that reflects the gritty, urban environment and that inspires, challenges, awes and intrigues. The grand prize is $20,000 and the chance to have your work shown in Times Square, NYC. All artists, working in any visual medium, are invited to apply by sending in a video of […]

Greenlit: Three in a Bed, Ch4

Three In A Bed (8 x 60′) – Three B&B-owning couples visit different UK B&Bs to test out their facilities and visit the local attractions. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Studio Lambert TX: 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Switching Lanes, More 4

Switching Lanes (80-90′) – Feature documentary that follows the journey of an African-American homeless family from Alaska to Las Vegas with just $261 in the kitty. It covers four years in the lives of Vanessa, her husband Maurice and their five children. Channel: More 4 Producer: Rise Films TX: late 2010 Source: Broadcast

Designing Obama

Designing Obama is a book about how art was used during the presidential campaign to give voice to the American people. Scott Thomas, the Design Director of the Obama campaign has pulled together the artwork created by grassroots supporters and compiled it into a book alongside the official artwork created within the campaign. He’s taking […]

Cat Craziness

Thrillist found a site dedicated to mad, bad and sad cats doing evil or having evil done unto them. There’s a naked man in a shower with a cat, a cat attacking a baby, cats in fancy dress and a Russian skydiving cat. Don’t ask why, I don’t know. See more. Watch the Russian skydiving […]

Greenlit: Dallas Divas and Daughters, Style

Dallas Divas and Daughters (8x ) -docuseries following five rich moms and daughters working the social scene in Dallas. Channel: The Style Network Producer: Allison Grodner Productions TX: 4th October 2009 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Lorraine Kelly’s Big Slim: The Chawner Challenge, Bio

Lorraine Kelly’s Big Slim: The Chawner Challenge (6×60′) – Lorraine Kelly presents a series in which she follows the efforts of Emma Chawner and her family lose weight, in the wake of her two failed attempts to impress the judges on X Factor. Over five months they will be helped to slim by a team […]

Greenlit: Jackson Family Dynasty, A&E

Jackson Family Dynasty w/t (1×60′ + series TBC) – a new reality series featuring the lives of the Jackson clan in the wake of their brother Micheal’s death.  It will also feature footage of the brothers on stage individually and on stage together in reunion shows as well of footage of Micheal, which was filmed […]


Brandirector makes looking for programme sponsorship, ad funding or product placement partners much easier. It’s a ‘dating agency’ style site that aims to match independent producers with brands, such as BMW, Sony and Extreme, that are looking to team up with content creators. HarperCollins is the latest to sign up, and will put 120 of […]

The Art of Pinball

The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recently held an event in which the art was designed to be played rather than just admired. Fun Land: The Art of Pinball two newly designed pinball machines by Mike Budai and Brian Holderman and showcased the pop art and music from pinball’s 1970s pinnacle. Visit the Warhol museum. […]

Paul Klebnikov – Murdered Founding Editor of Forbes Russia

In 2004, Paul Klebnikov, founding editor of Forbes Russia was murdered after writing articles that criticized Russia’s powerful, and revengeful, elite. His killers have yet to be apprehended but his family continue to apply pressure in the hope of getting justice. Read more in Forbes.

Dead brands 2009

Business Pundit has posted a list of 20  American brands that died in 2009, including: Sterling Trucks Max Factor Pontiac Kodachrome Rocky Mountain News Read more.

Redub Reader

Redub Reader bills itself as “an experiment in improving the way long texts are read on screen.” Just one edition old, it takes articles that Redub’s founders found difficult to read online and put them in a ‘reader’ that allows you to scroll sideways instead of down, to read text arranged in newspaper-like columns. Features […]

Meet the Controller: Richard Klein, BBC4

Richard Klein is Channel Controller for BBC4; he recently outlined his current channel strategy and needs (as of August 2009). Richard’s View on BBC4 BBC4 is challenging and intellectual but with a twinkle in its eye. Programmes should be thought provoking – it’s a place for diversity of opinion and controversy. Polemical pieces that make […]

Greenlit: Run My Renovation, DIY Network

Run My Renovation (13 x ) – An interactive series that asks the audience to vote for which fixtures, cabinets, flooring and other design elements they should incorporates into their home renovation. Viewers can vote via http://www.diynetwork.com/RunMyReno from 20 August 2009. Channel: DIY Network TX: mid-2010 Source: Cynopsis

Meet the Commissioner: Claudia Rosencrantz, Virgin Media

Claudia Rosencrantz is director of TV for Virgin Media; she recently outlined her current channel strategy and needs (as of August 2009).

Claudia’s View on Virgin Media

* Virgin channels consist of Virgin1, Bravo, Living and Challenge. Trouble was recently cancelled as its audience was too niche (boys aged 12-14 years).
* Living is a channel for women under 44 years, with some shared viewing (budget £60-£120 per hour).
* Living 2 will be rebranded channel in autumn 2009.
* Virgin 1 is warm, smart, and mixes it up (and sometimes takes it too far) eg. The Naked Office, Sun, Sea and A&E, Trawlers, Rigs and Rescues
* Bravo is male skewed to younger men eg. Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men
* Not currently commissioning shows for Challenge.
* Can often commission very quickly. Click through for more.
(Photo by Torres CC BY-SA 2.0)

Greenlit: Angel and Friends, Sky1

Angela and Friends (9×60′) – Actress Angela Griffin hosts her own daytime chatshow, which airs Monday – Friday. Channel: Sky1 TX: November 2009 Source: C21

Greenlit: Just Dance, Sky1

Just Dance (9×60′) – Davina McCall presents dance competition format, tours the UK auditioning hopefuls. Channel: Sky1 Producer: Shine TV / Princess Productions TX: Jan 2010 Source: C21

Greenlit: Beautiful Minds, BBC4

Beautiful Minds (3×60′) –  Great minds don’t always think alike. This series interviews three of Britain’s most influential and respected scientists to discover their unique perspectives on why science matters. Offbeat thinking has led to some of the greatest scientific discoveries of our age. Britain’s most influential and respected scientists explain how their unique scientific […]

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