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Finding Love on the Box

PSFK have noticed a few recent articles suggesting the same thing: that we are replacing real-life relationships with online ones (which seems like something of an old idea to me, but hey). It points to an interesting article in New York Times magazine about adults in Japan who have fallen in love with characters from video games, manga comics and anime (animations).  It reports that 50% of Japanese adults never mix socially with the opposite sex and 25% of people in their early thirties are still virgins.

PSFK go on to discuss an article in Scientific American that says people enjoy spending time with TV characters and doing so can stave off loneliness.  When casting presenters, hosts and ob doc characters, we deliberately cast them to be ‘someone you’d want to spend time with’, so it must be working. The comments section of the article has a lot of positive comments from people agreeing that, indeed they do form relationships with TV characters, and many said they formed emotional ties with book characters too. Hmm. Is it emotional attachment or just escapism?

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