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The Victory Garden, US TV’s Longest Running Show

The Real World on MTV is a real survivor in today’s TV lifespan turns as it’s in its 17th year. But there’s another show that has been going almost twice as long, in fact it’s been going so long it’s suddenly come back in fashion: The Victory Garden is a PBS show that first aired in 1975 and is American TV’s longest running gardening show (anyone know what the longest-running show is?). The show is hosted by Jamie Durie who visits a range of gardens, and chef Michel Nischan who offers tips on cooking home grown, or greenmarket bought, vegetables. The show fuses garden design, cookery and eco-living tips. It was inspired by America’s desire  to become more self-sufficient in after the early-seventies Arab oil-embargo, but today taps into the resurgence in interest in locally sourced food and a new recession driven frugality.

Visit the website for gardening tips, recipes, details on the gardens visited, videos and podcasts.


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