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Murder Most Foul

US officials who visited a house to evict the tenants in Washington, DC, discovered the decomposing bodies of four children, aged 5-17 years old; their mother had been living with their bodies for months. Benita Jacks said that her daughters had been possessed by demons and that they had died in their sleep one-by-one. Forensics showed the girls had been strangled or stabbed to death, and that their mother was competent to stand trial for their murder.

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There’s always a lot of hysteria in the papers when children are abducted/murdered by strangers/peaedophiles and yet children are often most at risk from their close friends and family. This is rarely acknowledged. Where a child dies at the hands of its parents or carers, like in  the case of Baby P,  the social workers  tend to bear the brunt of the vilification rather than the parents.  Is this the last taboo?

Feels like there could be a Snapped type documentary series to be done.  One for Crime & Investigation, perhaps?

UPDATE: Read the court verdict in The Washington Post

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