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Greenlit: Space Hoppers, CBBC

Space Hoppers (7 x 30′) –  Interplanetary adventure featuring physicist Professor Brian Cox, which is being made in conjunction with BBC Science’s series Seven Wonders Of The Solar System, which will also be presented by Professor Cox.

In Space Hoppers, our intrepid travelers Dan and Steve team up with Brian to investigate worlds beyond our planet and try to find out exactly what you would need to do to take a holiday in outer space and do a bit of space hopping.

They will delve into the wonders of the Solar System, blending global adventures with explosive experiments, and quirky animation with state-of-the-art CGI.

In each episode, Dan, Steve and Brian will explore a holiday-related theme, from holidays in (or on) the Sun to volcano-spotting. Their search will take in extreme environments, wild weather and the best places in the Solar System to “enjoy” a bit of snow and ice.

Channel: CBBC

Producer: BBC

TX: 2010

Source: BBC Press Office


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