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Greenlit: Revealed Strand, Five

Revealed (6×60′) – A factual history strand that has films from different filmmakers.

  • Jack the Ripper: Tabloid Killer – Former tabloid editor Kelvin McKenzie looks at the relationship between the press and Jack the Ripper (Lion Television)
  • The Real Goldfinger – Investigates whether the Bond film was based on a real-life plot by the Germans to attack the Bank of England (Lion Television)
  • Blackbeard’s Last Stand – Explores the possibility that Blackbeard’s ship has been found (Quickfire Media)
  • The Da Vinci Shroud – Looks at the possibility that Da Vinci might have produced the Turin Shroud (Pioneer Productions)
  • Britain’s Nazi King – Suggests King Edward VIII passed on secrets to Hitler during WWII (Oxford Film and Television)

Channel: Five

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