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Greenlit: Digital Revolution, BBC2 / Online

Digital Revolution w/t (4×60′) – To mark the 20th anniversary of the world wide web, BBC Two is teaming up with the web’s inventor in an ambitious new project that will explore the profound impact of his seminal invention on almost every facet of our lives. Sir Tim Berners-Lee will today help to launch Digital Revolution (working title), a landmark series for BBC Two with a ground-breaking open source approach to its production process.

The Digital Revolution team will give web users early access to programme content by making their rushes available online and sharing some of their key arguments, inviting comment, input and story leads from the web community.

Journalist and academic Aleks Krotoski will kick the project off with a series of manifesto blog posts at bbc.co.uk/digitalrevolution. She will ask the web community to join in an open debate, sharing opinions and suggesting stories.

The team will also marshal web users in a series of online experiments, developed in consultation with the Web Science Research Initiative – a joint endeavour between the University of Southampton and MIT – which Sir Tim Berners-Lee co-directs.

This online debate will shape the production of the BBC Two documentary series, informing Aleks’ arguments as she assesses the claims made over many years by the web’s key innovators and testing them against the hard realities of the emerging web today.

She will uncover some of the extraordinary human stories that illustrate how the web is being used and abused today, and look for clues to evaluate its – and our – uncertain future.

Channel: BBC 2 / online

Producer: BBC / Open University

TX: 2010

Source: BBC


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