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Rock ‘n’ Roll Public Library

Clash guitarist Mick Jones has opened his own library in the shadow of the Westway, west London, but get there quick because it closes on 25th August 2009. Dubbed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Public library, it displays Jones’s collection of books, toys, games, magazines, stage clothes, posters, photographs, lyrics and amplifiers. Visitors are encouraged to […]

Women Who Would Kill for a Baby

Since 1997 six pregnant US women have been murdered and had had their baby cut out of their womb by women desperate for a baby of their own (and another intended victim manage to escape unharmed).  Is this just a US phenomenon or is it global? Read more on BBC News.

Greenlit: What Would Brian Boitano Make?, Food Network

What Would Brian Boitano Make? – Olympic figure skater Brian Boitano hosts dinner parties at his home in San Francisco. Guests include his handyman’s supper club and an all-girl roller derby team. Channel: Food Network TX: 23 August 2009 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Conviction Kitchen, Citytv

Conviction Kitchen – new reality series that sees chef Marc Thuet attempt to turn around the lives of ex-cons. Six potential chefs and seven trainee waiters are sent to a cooking bootcamp, where they will be trained to prepare, cook and serve gourmet food in a Toronto restaurant. Channel: Citytv (independent Canadian channel) Producer: Cineflix […]

Greenlit: Digital Revolution, BBC2 / Online

Digital Revolution w/t (4×60′) – To mark the 20th anniversary of the world wide web, BBC Two is teaming up with the web’s inventor in an ambitious new project that will explore the profound impact of his seminal invention on almost every facet of our lives. Sir Tim Berners-Lee will today help to launch Digital […]

The Victory Garden, US TV’s Longest Running Show

The Real World on MTV is a real survivor in today’s TV lifespan turns as it’s in its 17th year. But there’s another show that has been going almost twice as long, in fact it’s been going so long it’s suddenly come back in fashion: The Victory Garden is a PBS show that first aired […]

Greenlit: Ultimate Cake Off, TLC

Ultimate Cake Off (8x ) – Competition baking series. Chef Michael Schulson presents the series. Each week, Margaret Braun (NYC sugar artist) and Leigh Grode (Cake Divas, LA) judge three contestants who create fabulous confections in the hope of winning a $10,000 prize . Channel: TLC Producer: Discovery Studios TX: 3 August 2009 Source: Cynopsis


Spotlab is the Winner of NATPE’s Next TV Competition for Reality/Unscripted. It follows 15 new directors who have three months to learn how to direct their own ad. In fact they walk away with a showreel for three spots, and hopefully a new career. As part of the program they get access to industry insiders […]

The Guardian’s Random Documentary Generator for BBC3

If you are finding it hard to come up with ideas for the youth orientated BBC3, The Guardian has come to your rescue with its F*ck Off I’m a BBC3 Random Documentary Generator. It offers you four lists from which to choose your documentary elements: Z-list ‘celeb’ presenter Style of reportage Edgy subject matter Trite […]

Multiplatform WTF?

Here is a handy guide to: Multi Platform For TV peeps View more presentations from Mike Dicks.

Greenlit: Chefs vs. City, Food Network

Chefs vs. City – Chefs Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez travel the US, challenging local foodie celebs in  New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston and New Orleans to a cook off. Channel: Food Network TX: 7 August 2009 Source: Cynopsis Read Review: Media Life Magazine

Greenlit: 650lb Virgin, TLC

650lb Virgin (1×60′) – One-off documentary. Channel: TLC Producer: September Films Source: Realscreen

Organ Brokers

Interesting – and disturbing – story about organ trafficking in Brooklyn. Brokers (including a rabbi) buy kidneys from people in impoverished circumstances, usually India for $2,000 to $10,000, and sell them on to desperate kidney patients for up to $180,000. Read more: Daily News

Kickstarter Crowd Funding

Kick Starter is a new way to crowd fund your projects, ideas or endeavors.  Project creators offer benefits to people who pledge financial support (which could be an invite to a BBQ or a balloon ride), along with regular updates on the project. Once you’ve pledged you only have to cough up if the funding […]

Greenlit: Coastline Cops, ITV1

Coastline Cops (3×60′) – follows police divers, cliff rescue teams and marine pursuit squads working around the UK coastline. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Streadfast TV TX: Late 2009 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Smugglers, ITV1

Smugglers (3 x 60′) –  follows investigators charged with clamping down on the UK’s narcotics trade, counterfeit Viagra, people smuggling and illegal pets. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Wild Pictures TX: 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Holidate, SOAPnet

Holidate – (10 x 60′ ) – new reality series. Each week,  two women swap home towns and try to find love whilst on their city break. The two women will stay in touch during their search. Channel: SOAPnet Producer: ABC Media Productions TX: 29 July 2009 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Around the World in 80 Days, BBC1

Around The World In 80 Days –  Six pairs of celebrities re-enact the epic odysseys of Phileas Fogg and Michael Palin for a 21st-century audience. Once again, the limit is 80 days, but this time a team of celebrities must pass on the baton in the ultimate relay race, undertaken non-stop, in real time. Respecting […]

Wedding Dance

It’s common, I think, for couples to have a couple of dancing classes prior to their wedding in order that they don’t trip up during their first dance; now it looks like you need get a choreographer for the groomsmen and bridesmaids too…and who knew it was possible to have so much fun in church? […]

Agnes Denes’ Wheatfield in Dalston

In 1982, conceptual artist Agnes Denes planted a wheat-field on wasteland in downtown Manhattan. The field yielded 1,000 lbs of grain, which was transported to 28 countries and planted as part of The International Art Show for the End of World Hunger. She’s struck again, this time in downtown Dalston, London, where she’s planted a […]

Murder Most Foul

US officials who visited a house to evict the tenants in Washington, DC, discovered the decomposing bodies of four children, aged 5-17 years old; their mother had been living with their bodies for months. Benita Jacks said that her daughters had been possessed by demons and that they had died in their sleep one-by-one. Forensics […]

Free Camera For Tourists

Omni Hotels in the US are offering families who book their Omni Flips weekend package the free use of a Flip Video camera to record their holiday. A concierge will help them plan their stay and then up load their footage and email it to them at home. Guests can enter a competition, and if […]

Social Media is the New Punk

Social Media is the New Punk by Lachlan Williams suggests that social media such as You Tube, MySpace and Facebook has a punk aesthetic in that it allows people to create whatever their level of skill – the quality of the outcome is less important than the enthusiasm of the participation. It also says that, […]

Greenlit: Revealed Strand, Five

Revealed (6×60′) – A factual history strand that has films from different filmmakers. Jack the Ripper: Tabloid Killer – Former tabloid editor Kelvin McKenzie looks at the relationship between the press and Jack the Ripper (Lion Television) The Real Goldfinger – Investigates whether the Bond film was based on a real-life plot by the Germans […]

Greenlit: Landscape Man, Ch4

Landscape Man – Series billed as “Grand Designs for gardens”. Channel: Ch4 Producer: Red House TV TX: 6th January 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Modern Masters, BBC1

Modern Masters (4×60′) – Documentary series that looks at some of the most notable and influential artists of our time and makes the claim that Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Warhol are ‘Modern Masters’. Hugely-talented artists with intriguing life stories, millionaires in their own lifetimes, it is small wonder that Picasso, Dali, Matisse, and Warhol have […]

Wanted: What the UK Digital Channels Want

At the Intelligent Factual Festival last week a number of commissioning execs outlined their channel brands and where they’ve still got gaps. Click through to see what ITV3, ITV4 and Discovery UK want. (Photo by rightee – CC BY 2.0)

Creators Inn, Stockholm

If you fancy a free stay in Stockholm, Sweden apply to the Creators Inn, which is offering free rooms for creative types from 1 August to 13 September, 2009. You need to offer a reason for  your creative stay and tell them why you want to stay there. Hat tip to PSFK

Offal Food

Food Tease is a gorgeous looking blog that features scary-looking food from a cute young Canadian couple, David and Nicole, who now live in Texas. Their lives revolve around food, and they love finding new things to cook, which they share in short videos. The site features such delicacies as: Pickled pigs feet tostadas Chicken […]

Greenlit: Outbreak, ITV1 / History

Outbreak (1×60′) – One-off documentary charting the first 24 hours of WWII, to commemorate the 70th anniversary. It is co-funded by ITV1 and History Channel UK in a bid to maximise the channels’ resources. ITV gets the benefit of the premiere, but History Channel expect to pick up viewers who missed the first transmission. Channel: […]

Greenlit: Space Hoppers, CBBC

Space Hoppers (7 x 30′) –  Interplanetary adventure featuring physicist Professor Brian Cox, which is being made in conjunction with BBC Science’s series Seven Wonders Of The Solar System, which will also be presented by Professor Cox. In Space Hoppers, our intrepid travelers Dan and Steve team up with Brian to investigate worlds beyond our […]

Greenlit: Rip-Off Britain, BBC1

Rip-Off Britain w/t (5×45′) – Angela Rippon, Jennie Bond and Gloria Hunniford are teaming up to help UK consumers fight back.  At a time when every penny counts, this brand new five-part series will investigate the sharp practices by some of the biggest names in the High Street; exposing the hidden costs and the deals […]

Rankin Live

Head over to the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London from 31st July to 18th September, 2009, to see a retrospective of Rankin’s photography . over the last 22 years, Rankin has photographed everyone from Kate Moss to the Queen. 1000 lucky people have to chance to have their photo taken by Rankin. If […]

Creative Nonfiction

Tell a true story in 140 characters or less and send it to Creative Nonfiction on Twitter for a chance to be included in the upcoming issue of Creative Nonfiction. Here are some recent entries: karriehiggins #cnftweet When I was 14, my grandmother’s diary was planted like a ticking bomb in my hands; when I […]

Greenlit: This Kid Could Change the World, CBBC

This Kid Could Change The World ( 9 x 30′) – A new children’s factual series where children from across the UK will have their passionate and innovative world-changing ideas put to the test. A series of heats will gather the best ideas from across the country and the hopefuls will arrive at the HQ […]

Greenlit: Primetime Confidential, BIO

Primetime Confidential w/t (1×60′ pilot) –  Interviews with cast and crew of classic TV programmes. Channel: BIO Producer: Sharp Entertainment Source: Cynopsis

Play to Stop

Play to Stop is an MTV initiative to encourage better energy efficiency. Users are encouraged to prove their green credentials by uploading posts and videos about the environment and climate change for which they are awarded points. They can also earn extra points by taking part in weekly quizzes; those with the highest score have […]

Random Acts of Reality

Random Acts of Reality is a blog by Tom Reynolds, an Emergency Medical Technician (or ambulance man, but don’t let him catch you calling him that) in the London ambulance service. Recent posts include a call to a teenager who has a sore hand as a result of punching something (or someone), a rant against […]

Greenlit: Rat Pack, BBC1

The Rat Pack (6×30′) – Observational doc series that follows brothers Ricky and Jimmy Clark and their Jack Russell Charlie as they hunt down London’s rats, bedbugs and other pests. Channel: BBC1 Producer: Fever Media TX: 23 July 2009 Source: Broadcast 17 July 2009

Greenlit: The Entertainer, VH1

The Entertainer (10×60′) – Reality series set in and around the bachelor apartment of Frank “The Entertainer” Moresco ( I Love NY and I Love Money). Channel: VH1 Producer: 51 Minds TX: 2010 Source:  Cynopsis

Iran Rooftop Project

Iran: The Rooftop Project has been collecting videos of the nightly protests held in Iran since the elections. Iranians, after nightfall, have been chanting Allah-o-Akbar from the rooftops, balconies and windows in a spirit of protest and solidarity, which The Rooftop Project calls “the soundtrack of revolution.” The project’s aim is to create a sequential […]

Inflatable Sculptures

Here are some pretty cool street sculptures by Joshua Allen Harris, which are made from plastic bags that attached to the subway ventilation grates – when a train goes by life is breathed into the creatures and they spring to life. See them grow on the video: Hat tip to London-based creative agency Everything Works

Greenlit: My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri’s Story, ITV1

My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri’s Story (1×60′) – Uri Geller shares home video footage of Michael Jackson, which shows his visits to Exeter City Football Club, Geller’s wedding and a midnight shopping trip to Harrods department store. Channel: ITV1 Producer: ITV Studios Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Modern Beauty Season, BBC4 / BBC2

Modern Beauty Season – A series of programmes examine the perception of beauty both in modern and classical art forms: Saatchi’s Art Stars (BBC2) – 4×60′ series follows the search for the next generation of new British artists. Ugly Beauty (BBC2) – Art critic Waldemar Januszczak argues that art today is as interested in beauty […]

Square Mile Barista Throw Down

Considering I’m not a huge coffee connoisseur (give me a 75 cents cup of NYC deli coffee and I’m fine), it’s surprising to me that I AM a huge fan of Square Mile Coffee (and coffee shop Tina, We Salute You in Dalston, London). Square Mile Coffee founders James Hoffmann (World Barista Champion 2007) and […]

Cool Hunting’s Summer Reading List 2009

Cool Hunting have just published their recommended reads for the summer, many of which might provide inspiration for factual programming, including: Squeezed: What You Didn’t Know about Orange Juice, Alissa Hamilton – the history of orange juice in the USA; Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work, Matthew B. Crawford – […]

How to Write an Arresting Tagline: Quiz Answers

Last week, we looked at loglines – where you boil your concept down into one succinct, hooky sentence – with a fiendishly difficult quiz. As promised, here are the answers (click on the headline to go to the answers). Remember, the first thing your buyer will look at is the title, so the logline should complement and build upon it, so they get an instant feel for the tone and content of your programme. Give yourself a point for each one (and subtract five if you failed to get no. 6 correct).

If you didn’t do that well, you can console yourself with the thought that the loglines weren’t doing their job properly.

And, as ever, feel free to share, tweet or comment. (Photo by ♠ le max)

Greenlit: Grey Expectations Season, BBC4

A season of programmes dedicated to understanding life’s twilight years is set to air on BBC Four with comedienne Jo Brand and national treasure Liz Smith taking centre stage. The collection of programmes gives a fresh insight into the sometimes forgotten matriarchs and patriarchs of our families. It also includes observational documentaries about grandparents, a […]

Flickr Photos at the Getty

Getty Images have enhanced their collection by partnering with Flickr, the user generated photo storage and display site. There are a number of features that might help creative inspiration: 1) You can search using keywords to get beautiful, and sometimes surprising, images that have been tagged with that keyword. For example, a search for ‘History’ […]

Greenlit: David Hasselhoff, Living TV

David Hasselhoff – title TBC –  (6 x ) travels the British countryside with his two daughters to experience the best of British summer activities. He will try out pole, shooting and canal boating, and has been spotted morris dancing. Channel: Living TV TX: September 2009 Source: C21

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