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Twitter Resistance

Twitter is proving to be a place of political resistance as people are encouraged to install a green cast to their profile picture in solidarity with Iranian protesters, or to use hashtags (a way of indexing Twitter posts) to discuss events or set up false accounts to help shield Iranian twitterers who are twittering information to the outside world.

The Underground Nation have a website that explain the tactics and reinikainen published a guide to cyberwar for beginners, which aims to provide a digital smokescreen for Iranian protestors online.

And Twitter postponed scheduled downtime for maintenance when a 27-yr-old employee of the US State Department emailed them to point out that the outage would occur in the middle of the day in Iran, preventing people there from communicating via the platform. Turns out Jared Cohen was employed by Condoleezza Rice to advise how the government could ‘counter-radicalize’ young people in the Middle East. Read more on BayNewser.


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