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Silent Library, MTV

Silent Library is one of my favourite segments in a Japanese show Gaki no Tsukai Arahende. Now MTV have made a version which transmits Mondays through Thursdays. It’s a cross between Russian Roulette and dare and is infectiously funny. But that’s the catch: the contestants are not allowed to laugh or they forfeit some prize money. Watch the trailer:

Silent LibraryMTV Shows

Visit the MTV website to see clips of some of the outrageous and gross challenges:

Old Man Bites Tenderly

Bad Smell Cheesecake

Sugar Sniff

Scroll down to see the comments – what’s really interesting, in this world of peer-to-peer file sharing and corporate copyright angst over online users taking material and reusing it without permission, there are several people complaining that Silent Library is a blatant copy of a Japanese show and that MTV haven’t properly credited that fact. They know this because they’ve seen the original on YouTube… Someone does manage to point out that there is such a thing as format licencing.


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