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Showtime’s Nurse Jackie promoted on LinkedIn and Tweeted by Fans

Nurse Jackie is Showtime’s newest scripted original drama, starting Edie Falco as an ER nurse dishing out justice to flaky doctors and patients. Showtime used business networking site LinkedIn to promote the series – the first time a network has bought ads on the site. The ads targeted health workers during Nurses’ Week with links to the show’s website and a dynamic ad banner on the home page.

Fans are active on Twitter – talking to each other using the hashtag #NurseJackie:

  • #NurseJackie is hilarious .. She has me hooked with their series
  • It’s usually dr. that is drug addict or sleeping around I like that this time its a female nurse. It’s different. #nursejackie
  • Best physical manifestation of Nurse Jackie’s character = her hair. #tv #nursejackie
  • Oxy snorting, f-bomb dropping nurse. With a twist. And a great haircut.
  • I’m right there with you. I heart #nursejackie so it’ll probably get canceled.
  • Very impressed by Showtime’s willingness to distribute their content via SHO.com, IMDB and iTunes. #Weeds #Dexter #NurseJackie
  • Oh, man. I haven’t been this jazzed about a show since the pilot of #Heroes. #NurseJackie
  • Grey’s Anatomy + House + Dexter = NURSE JACKIE . Great show, can’t wait for more! #NurseJackie
  • I wonder if those in the medical industry resent fictional depictions like those in #House and #NurseJackie or if they find them amusing?

You can also send Nurse Jackie e-cards and see videos of real nurses telling real-life stories from the healthcare frontline. Free iTunes podcasts reveal how the show was made, and have interviews with cast and crew. The podcasts topped the iTunes chart in the lead up to the premiere of the show, which attracted 1 million viewers. Showtime commissioned a second series immediately after the first episode transmitted.

Source: Cynopsis


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