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Online Elephant

People have been flocking to watch the first live online elephant birth and follow the calf’s progress. 555,584 people saw the birth of Baby K as it streamed live from Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. At its peak, the site attracted more people than did the live feeds for the 2008 Olympic Games.  There was a lot of pre-publicity as ultrasound images of Baby K were shown on buildings in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Namur, and there was a Facebook site with more than 1,000 fans, and a Twitter stream. 40,000 subscribers were notified by text message and email when Baby K’s mother’s progesterone levels dipped indicating that the birth was imminent.

An ele-blog attracted 23,ooo+ posts and 7,000+ entered a competition to name the baby Kai-Mook.

The ad agency said the project was inspired by a Belgian TV show, Life Like It Is.

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