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Greenlit: NASA – Triumph and Tragedy, BBC2

NASA – Triumph And Tragedy (2×60′) – As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing, NASA – Triumph And Tragedy takes a look behind the scenes and examines the agency’s achievements and humankind’s race to understand the universe.

This is the epic story of heroes, their triumphs and their tragedies as they harness breathtaking technology to conquer new worlds.

Award-winning archivists uncover forgotten material as well as original first-generation negatives of more familiar footage, digitally restored to its original glory. The restored footage reveals space walks, moonwalks, exaltation and despair through the eyes and ears of a special band of brothers.

Blended within the footage are revealing and insightful interviews with those who were there: the astronauts, family members, staff and journalists. These personal stories add depth to the science of space exploration and present an intimate glimpse into life in space.

Channel: BBC2

TX: July 09

Source: BBC


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