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Greenlit: Brand New Home, BBC2

Brand New Home – With more people turning to home improvement rather than moving house, designers Jamie Anley and Phil Nutley are on a mission. They believe that too many people live with bland neutral interiors which say little about the people living there; their personalities and passions. Inspiring viewers to transform their interiors from the […]

Greenlit: The Death of Respect, BBC2

The Death of Respect (2×60′) – From the rise in family break-ups, to public drunkenness and violence, to the explosion of bad language on television, John Ware examines the apparent crisis of “respect” in Britain today. John meets the academics whose groundbreaking work proves scientifically that British society is fragmenting, and talks to writers and […]

Greenlit: Caribbean Food Made Easy, BBC2

Caribbean Food Made Easy – Levi Roots, who first found fame after his successful foray in BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den, presents this exciting new series about Caribbean cuisine. The Jamaican-born cook, musician and food enthusiast brings the food and flavours of the Caribbean to life with a range of mouth-watering, accessible dishes. From traditional recipes […]

Greenlit: Economy Gastronomy, BBC2

Economy Gastronomy – In this new series, top chefs and restaurateurs Allegra McEvedy and Paul Merret combine their skills and experience to create great food on a budget and with minimal wastage. Each week, Allegra and Paul show a household that routinely overspends on food shopping how to slash costs but still eat well, using […]

Greenlit: Gandhi: His Life and Legacy, BBC2

Gandhi: His Life And Legacy (3×60′) –  a definitive and in-depth series about the political and spiritual leader who led the fight for Indian independence. Presented by BBC journalist Mishal Husain, whose grandparents moved from India to what became Pakistan during the partition. Mishal seeks to look beyond the image presented in Richard Attenborough’s 1982 […]

Megatrends – is Africa the Future?

Blogging superstar Darren Rowse describes attending the recent Future Summit in Australia as guest twitterer. He reports on a talk given by Alison Sander from Boston Consulting Group who described different kinds of trends: linear, cyclical, fads and megatrends. Megatrends are trends that are growing and have the potential to grow exponentially – and could […]

What Does the Ambassador Do?

There’s been a certain amount of harrumphing in Washington DC about the appointment of Louis Susman, retired vice chairman of Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking (and Obama fundraiser of $500,000), to be ambassador to Britain. Another big fundraiser ($100-200k), former financial analyst Charles Rivkin is heading to Paris to be America’s ambassador. Biotech lawyer John […]

Alexander von Humboldt and the Botanical Exploration of the Americas

A new book has been published to mark the 150th anniversary of Baron Alexander von Humboldt’s death. Humboldt was the founder of bio-geography and explained the aurora borealis as well as leading an important botanical expedition to Spain’s American colonies. He recorded all his findings with beautiful illustrations, which are reproduced in the book, Alexander […]

Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project

When Bette Midler moved to NYC, she fitted right in with her big personality and strong opinions. But there was one thing that bothered her – the way people treated their environment. She decided to do something about all the litter on the streets, even if she had to pick it up herself.  In 1995 […]

Greenlit: The Naked Office, Virgin 1

The Naked Office (1×60′) – A documentary about a Newcastle advertising agency who undertake an experiment to see if they could improve office relations by shedding their clothes at work.  Part of a new (as yet unnamed) strand. Mark Sammon, Virgin Media TV head of commissions, has said he’s looking to commission 3-4 series in […]

Out: Pat Younge, President/GM Travel Channel

Patrick Younge, Prestident/General Manager, Travel Channel is leaving the channel in January 2010 to return to the UK.

Greenlit: Why Men Watch Porn, Virgin 1

Why Men Watch Porn (1×60′) – Volunteers watch five hours of porn under medical supervision to see what effects it has on them. Part of an as yet unnamed strand. Mark Sammon, Virgin Media TV head of commissions, has said he’s looking to commission 3-4 series in a similar vein. Budgets around £110.000 per hour. […]

Greenlit: Kendra, E!

Kendra (9x ) – Reality series featuring former star of The Girls Next Door Kendra Wilkinson. It follows her as leaves the Playboy Mansion to move in with fiance Hank Baskett. Channel: E! Producer: Prometheus Entertainment / Fox Television Studios / Alta Loma Entertainment TX: 7 June 09 Source: Cynopsis

A World of Pain: Meera Syal on Self Harm, BBC2

A World Of Pain: Meera Syal On Self Harm – Meera Syal, author, actress and mother, looks at the issue of rising levels of self harm in the UK. Meeting victims, Meera learns about the complicated issues that can lead to a person taking such drastic action and asks how parents can protect their children […]

Greenlit: The Price of Life, BBC2

The Price Of Life – features remarkable access to NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), the body that conducts the process by which the NHS decides which drug treatments it can afford to offer to patients. How do doctors choose which patients should be the winners – and which should be the losers? […]

Twitter Reality TV rumours

Word is that Twitter is developing an unnamed unscripted TV show that will put “ordinary people on the trail of celebrities in a revolutionary competitive format.”  More details to follow as they emerge. Producer: Reveille Productions / Brillstein Entertainment Partners / Twitter Source: Variety (Hat tip to Tech Crunch) Update: Twitter has said it’s not […]

Workshops for Creative People – That’s YOU!

Workshops for Creative People – That’s YOU! If you are in London this summer, Mark McGuinness is running a series of workshops for creative people, three of which are relevant to anyone who is working in TV  – How to Motivate Creative People (Including You) – 8 July 09 Time Management for Creative People – […]

In: Jan Younghusband, Commissioning Editor Music and Events, BBC

Jan Younghusband has been appointed as commissioning editor for music and events role at the BBC.  She joins from C4 where she was commissioning editor for arts and performance. Commissions include Hunger, To Be Or Not To Be and Big Art.

In: Kim Shillinglaw, Commissioner Science and Natural History, BBC

Kim Shillinglaw has been appointed as commissioner for science and natural history at the BBC where she is currently a science exec producer.

The Freesound Project

The Freesound Project is a new website that is gathering a collection of sounds that will form a collaborative database of audio samples – bird song, burps and rainstorms, among other sounds – that are available for use under Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. Browse using the search function, random sample link or “sounds like” […]

Greenlit: HGTV’s $250,000 Challenge, HGTV

HGTV’s $250,000 Challenge – Drew Lachey hosts this series where five families  in Sherman Oaks, CA compete to win big money. Features HGTV design experts such as Kim Myles (Myles of Style), David Bromstad (Color Splash), Genevieve Gorder (Dear Genevieve) or Carter Oosterhouse (Carter Can).  Kristan Cunningham (Design on a Dime) and John Gidding (Designed […]

Greenlit: On Thin Ice, BBC2

On Thin Ice (5×60′)  – James Cracknell and Ben Fogle undertake a huge and perilous feat of endurance with a 470-mile race to the geographic South Pole, the first since Scott’s and Amundsen’s fateful attempt nearly 100 years ago. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Two Four TX: Summer 09 Source: BBC / Two Four

Greenlit: NASA – Triumph and Tragedy, BBC2

NASA – Triumph And Tragedy (2×60′) – As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing, NASA – Triumph And Tragedy takes a look behind the scenes and examines the agency’s achievements and humankind’s race to understand the universe. This is the epic story of heroes, their triumphs […]

Scientific Accidents

An article in Slate suggests that it is much more dangerous to be a student working in an academic lab than it is to be a worker in an industrial lab. In recent years, there has been an electrocution at Cleveland State University, an explosion in a Stanford University lab, exposure to botulinum toxin at […]

In: Harry Lansdown, Commissioner Factual Features and Formats, BBC3

Harry Lansdown (commissioner of Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts and Young Mums’ Mansion), has been appointed BBC3’s factual features and formats commissioner.

In: Mark Bell, Commissioning Editor Arts, BBC

Mark Bell is moving from his current role as specialist factual commissioner for indies to become commissioning editor for arts at the BBC.


Propaganda Critic is an interesting site that has articles and videos related to propaganda from the Cold War 1950s through to a film that was intended to quell college campus unrest in the 1970s – another good way into contemporary history.

Greenlit: Angels, Sky Real Lives

Angels (10×30′) – Gloria Hunniford presents a groundbreaking series exploring the phenomenon of guardian angels and angelic power.  Hundreds of thousands of people claim to have experienced an angelic presence or had a truly life-changing spiritual vision. Angels will explore these fascinating encounters with the spiritual world as well as explaining the history of angels […]

Greenlit: Incredible Human Journey, BBC2

Incredible Human Journey (5×60′) – Dr Alice Roberts traverses the globe to tell the story of how humans came to populate every corner of the world. Alice pieces together precious fragments of bone, stone and new DNA evidence to discover how we are all related to one tiny group of people who left Africa to […]

Greenlit: Deadliest Warrior – The Aftermath, Spike.com

Deadliest Warrior – The Aftermath – Online spin off from Deadliest Warrior, where Kieron Elliot and a round table of experts answer fans’ questions and discuss the battle tactics in the programme. Channel: Spike.com Producer: Morningstar Entertainment TX: online after each on-air premiere of Deadliest Warrior Source: Cynopsis Preview: Deadliest Warrior | | SPIKE.com

In: Aaqil Ahmed, Commissioning Editor Religion and Ethics, BBC

Aaqil Ahmed (Christianity: A History, The Qur’an and Saving Africa’s Witch Children) is appointed at the BBC as commissioning editor for Religion and Ethics..

BBC Commissioning – New Structure Updated

The BBC’s factual (know internally as Knowledge) commissioning department has been reorganised to remove the split between in-house and indie commissioning teams. There are now eight genre slates, each under the care of a specific commissioning editor: Arts – Mark Bell Documentaries – Charlotte Moore Features and formats on BBC1 and BBC2 – Jo Ball […]

In: Jennifer Danska, Senior Vice President Development, RDF USA

RDF USA has appointed former E! Entertainment executive Jennifer Danska to the role of senior vice president of development and current programming. She joins from E! where she was vice president of talent, development and casting, and was responsible for the development of Candy Girls, Taradise and Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood. She is based in […]

Greenlit: Celebrity Parents’ SOS, Sky Real Lives

Celebrity Parents’ SOS w/t (10×30′) –  Lifestyle format aimed at helping people live on a budge to help them through the current economic crisis. Families who lack basic housekeeping, mending, DIY and cooking skills are visited by Shirley Clarkson (mother of Jeremy) and Peter Jones (father of Vinnie) and their team for a day to […]

In: Sophie Wurzer, Commissioning Editor, LIVING

Sophie Wurzer, ex Head of Development at Target TV, has been appointed to the role of commissioning editor at LIVING (Virgin Media).

Greenlit: Classic Goldie, BBC2

Classic Goldie (2x ) – Drum ‘n’ bass pioneer, poet and graphic artist Goldie was the hero of BBC Two’s classical music challenge Maestro in 2008.  Now Goldie has received a commission to write a seven-minute composition to be performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra at the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. The […]

Sarah Palin Memoir

HarperCollins is publishing Sarah Palin’s memoir in the USA in spring 2010. She’s reportedly excited to use her journalism degree to set the record straight about her upbringing, her family and last year’s presidential race.  Palin will work with a collaborator to produce the book, which has yet to be started. She’s going to have […]

Human Landscapes from the Air

Jason Hawkes is like a human Google Earth – since1991 he’s taken over 100,000 aerial images of the earth. See a selection of human landscapes in this Boston.com photo feature, explore by entering a keyword or surf the tag cloud at his website. The photos are also linked to Google maps so you can pinpoint […]

Exotic Pets

Need a new tiger or a replacement zebra? Texan Cheryl Morgan knows where you can get one. She’s found animals for zoos, movies and commercials. If she doesn’t have what you need roaming about her ranch, she has a global network of contacts she can call.  See what’s she’s got here.

24 of the Strangest Diseases You’ve Ever Seen

Here is a list of 24 of the strangest diseases you’ve ever seen. The list includes Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva in which all the body’s bones fuse together stopping the sufferer from moving and eventually from breathing,  and Cotard’s syndrome, in which sufferers believe they are dead. Read more here.

Guerilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardeners go out under the cover of darkness and cultivate neglected public spaces such as grass verges and roundabouts. They have to avoid the attentions of the police, but that adds to the sense of satisfaction when the sun comes up and the border is planted with pretty plants or tasty herbs or veg. […]


Scamorama has gathered together all the begging/business opportunity letters that usually claim to be from someone in Nigeria. Some people have taken to corresponding with the scammers in order to wind them up. But sometimes things get heavy, death threats are issued and the chipmunk gets it. Be careful out there.

The Psychology of Colour

Retailers use colours to try to part us from our money more effectively. Warm colours prompt action (subscribing or buying) and cooler colours are used for reassurance and to indicate trustworthiness. See how it works. I wonder if anyone has ever done any research into whether the colour of your clothes influences a potential employer […]

Greenlit: Disaster Date, MTV

Disaster Date –  Improv actors prove to be the blind date from hell for unsuspecting romance seekers, but the longer they stick it out the more cash the the unwitting daters stand to win. Channel: MTV Producer: 495 Productions Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Gone Too Far, MTV

Gone Too Far (8 x60′) –  The late DJ AM hosts this series which helps young people overcome their addictions with the help of a addiction experts. Channel: MTV Producer: ISH Entertainment / Gigantic TX: 12th October 2009 Source: Cynopsis UPDATE: DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) was found dead in his NYC apartment on 28th August […]

Greenlit: Giuliana and Bill, The Style Network

Giuliana and Bill ( x30′) – Apprentice winner and real estate developer Bill Rancic and his E! News host wife Juiliana feature in reality series about their busy careers and personal lives following their wedding (also featured on Style). They met during an E! News interview. Channel: The Style Network Producer: Comcast Entertainment TX: July […]

Greenlit: Pranked, MTV

Pranked – ( x30′) – showcasing the best online pranks. Channel: MTV Producer: Cheri Sundae Productions Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Ultimate Parkour Challenge, MTV

Ultimate Parkour Challenge – Eight athletes compete in this extreme sport that sees them jumping and vaulting over walls and across roofs to get from A to B. The final winner is crowned Ultimate Parkour Champion and wins $10,000. Channel: MTV Producer: One Louder Productions / Transition Productions in association with the World Freerunning and […]

Greenlit: The Stylist, MTV

The Stylist w/t – Reality series that lets aspiring celebrity stylists do work experience with industry professionals. The best one will be chosen (without eliminations) and will win a contract with the Margaret Maldonado Agency. Channel: MTV Producer: Bunim-Murray Source: Cynopsis

Development Insider: Britain’s Got Talent?

Choosing a credible factual presenter is a perennial problem and grows increasingly difficult in an age when everyone wants to have a go. Ask potential talent what their interests or, heaven forbid, ‘passions’ are, and, I assure you, the list will never end, says Bezlshazzar in this latest Development Insider article. But is passion enough? What happened to presenters with real expertise? (photo by das.viereck)

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