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Personal Butchery

Mother Jones has a profile of a North California butcher who shoots animals though the head to slaughter them for farmers who don’t want to use the big USDA slaughterhouses. Twenty minutes later he’s butchered the animal in to meat. Advocates of his service say it’s impossible to adhere to growing and eating locally if you have to ship animals miles to be slaughtered. Predictably, the article is accompanied by many long (and predictable) arguments about whether meat eating is natural and whether veganism is good for the environment. Can’t someone sort this argument out once and for all with some science?

Although, to be fair I did watch a Horizon from the 1960s that showed the new, exciting farming method that was going to revolutionise animal husbandry with its pens and drugs – yep, you’ve guessed it. Back then, before we know what we know now, factory farming was the shiny new future…


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