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Hotelicopter – World’s First Flying Hotel

The Hotelicopter is a modified Soviet Mil V-12 helicopter (of which there were only two prototypes built)  that has been fitted out with 16 cabins, 2 suites and a spa. There’s Internet and mobile phone reception, flat screen TVs, DVDs and Wiis.  There is also yoga, ping pong and a tea garden(!) Your every need will be met by flight attendants.

But this isn’t a fancy flight. The idea is more like an airborne cruise. You live aboard for 2 weeks, and get dropped off (hopefully at ground level).

The European tour starts in London and then takes you to Dublin-Paris-Barcelona-Rome-Frankfurt-Copenhagen-London.

The concept scared the pants off Flavorwire who suggested watching a video on Vimeo before booking your trip, however the video seems to have been removed from Vimeo. And on the same day as the Flavorwire piece. Strange, huh?


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