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Get Yourself an Ivy League Education Online

Ever wish you had a better education? Now you can have an Ivy League education for free.

Academic Earth is a website that is packed with 1000s of videos of university lectures – everything from astronomy, economics, entrepreneurship, physics, medicine and psychology to religion, from professors at Yale, Stanford, MIT,  Berkeley, Princeton and Harvard.

Not only is it fascinating to eavesdrop (eaveswatch?) on these lectures, it’s a great way of spotting potential talent to attach to your science, history, business or religion proposals.

For example, you can watch Mehran Sahami from Stanford explain The History of Computing (which has been rated A-)  or the marvellously eccentric Professor Marian Diamond from Berkeley talk about The Human Brain and the Muscular System (including hat – A). Watch her here:

Watch Barry Nalebuff  (Yale) talk about how to have ideas in his Why Not? lecture (A) in this video:


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