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What Would Google Do?

41wlwbn0sbl_sl160_When battling with impenetrable ‘systems’ that don’t work I’ve often wondered how Google would sort it out, and wished they would:

Oyster card readers that don’t read and then overcharge because you ‘didn’t put it on the reader’ (and then can’t be refunded unless you travel to the other end of they tube system to touch it on the reader that didn’t read. That is: didn’t work, which is why you’re in this mess).

Or how about Her Majesty’s Tax site that tells you to click on a link for help, which takes you to a page with 20 links all identifiable by their code numbers (which can only be understood by clicking on another link, but who knows which one?). In other words, the ‘help’ is no help at all.

Or having VAT rules that are so complicated that not a single person in the UK must be paying the right amount (but that could be deliberate). It should be possible to input all your invoices and receipts directly into a clever program that prompts to ask whether your sandwich was hot or cold, eat-in or take away and weather you need to pay extra for putting milk in your coffee on a Tuesday, and then works your bill out for you. That way, one person needs to update the algorithm when the VAT rate is lowered, instead of relying on millions of people to get it right.

What Would Google Do? And please could they do it soon?


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