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Realscreen Roundup: David Zaslav on Discovery, TLC and Animal Planet

David Zaslav has given a keynote speech at Realscreen conference in Washington, DC. He’s had a steep learning curve since taking over 2 years ago and but is now clear on how he thinks the Discovery family of channels should develop:

Discovery –  have moved away from tattoos, cars and bikes and is concentrating on “unique well-done stories with emotion”

Science Channel –  Zaslav wants Science to be the go-to channel for science, as History Channel is for history.

TLC – is very much about Middle American women and their lives and families. East/West Coast glamour doesn’t work for them; Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Eighteen Kids and Counting do.

Animal Planet – is moving away from G-rated programming towards more nature ‘red in tooth and claw’, to reflect the reality of nature.

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