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The Oxford Muse

“If you have not achieved as much in your life as you feel you ought to have, if you would like your personal relations to be less superficial, if you cannot accept that youthful promise should be so liable to end in mental stagnation, and that so much work should be frustrating, if you wish you had more courage and clearer goals, then the Oxford Muse may be the place for you.”

The Oxford Muse is hard to describe. It’s a place for people to explore and engage with their minds, and stimulate creative thought and authentic living. Visit it to create your self-portrait in workds, film, sculpture or paint; join the mental gymnasium to maintain mental agility and consult with experts from Oxford University and beyond. If that all seems too active, you can browse the intensely intimate, and often moving self-portraits, and be inspired and empowered to make more of your life, work and relationships.

The School of Life is another organisation that seems to be tapping into a desire to be intellectually stimulated through discussion, play and interaction with others outside of one’s usual social sphere.


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