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Fake Memoirs

Celebrity gossip site, Jossip‘s A Brief History of Modern Lying Authors , details a number of literary scams that have proved to be an embarrassment to their authors, publishers (and most distressingly,) Oprah. They include:

Gang memoir –  Love and Consequences, by Margaret B. Jones, a mixed-race kid who grew up in South Central, LA, enduring gang initiations and drug abuse. She turned out to be Margaret Seltzer, a white valley girl.

Addiction memoirA Million Little Pieces, in which James Frey embellished a stay in prison. He was forced to apologize to Oprah. In person. On TV.

Holocaust love memoirThe Angel at the Fence, in which, Herman Rosenblat tells how he fell in love with a girl who threw apples over the fence of the concentration camp where he was imprisoned. They later met on a blind date in NYC and lived happily ever after. Until it was revealed to be a lie. There are calls for him to apologise. To Oprah. On TV.

Messed up childhood memoirThe Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, by JT Leroy who was crossed-dressed and pimped out by his mother while he was a teenager. He turned out to be Laura Alpert., a 40-yr-old woman.

Spookily,  all the titles seem, with hindsight, to suggest what’s to come…


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