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Change your Life

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Been made redundant? (Who hasn’t?)

Many people are seeing these straitened times as an opportunity for artists and entrepreneurs to flourish.  Recent British Creative Exchange and NESTA emphasised that the last economic downturn allowed the arts and innovative new businesses to grow and flourish. If you are currently ‘considering your options’ you could do worse than consult the following resources – and then follow your dream:

Download: Jonathan Fields of Career Renegade is offering a free e-book  – The Fire Fly Manifesto, which tells you why you might have been handed the chance of a lifetime.

Read: Po Bronson’s New York Times bestseller, What Should I do With My Life?, contains a series of case studies of people who changed careers, including an investment banker who became a catfish farmer (there might be more heading to join him). It’s worth keeping an eye on Po – he wrote the hugely popular articles How Not to Talk to Your Kids and Snooze or Lose has just published Learning to Lie in New York Magazine.

Try Out: Vocation Vacations allows you to try out a new job for a couple of weeks under the tutelage of a mentor in your prospective new field. You could be an architect, bison rancher, museum curator or a TV producer. Oh, wait… Vocation Vacations is run by a very nice man called Brian Kurth (who looks like a young Michael Eavis – and what’s not to like about that?)


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